Moms! Back To School Means More Time To Focus On Your Health Goals

Health tips for moms now that kids are back in school.

School is back in session and for many moms, it means back to a daily routine and scheduled days.

May I challenge you to take a  look at your fitness and health goals?

If 80% of weight loss and health is about your nutrition isn’t that the first thing you should work on to look and feel your best?

What you’re feeding your body correctly you reach your health goals and function well each day.

Easy Ways To Get Back On Track

Here are a few guidelines and ideas to help you get back on track this fall.

You will lose a little weight and be in a better frame of mind for early drop off and after school homework.

#1: Eat Enough Quality Protein

Study after study is showing that quality protein is key when it comes to healthy weight loss.

Not only does it help keep hunger at bay, but it also helps the body retain more lean muscle mass.

Eating protein in the morning is great for you and your kids.

Wake up early enough to fix a healthy breakfast for all of you to avoid morning sugar crash and grumpiness.

I personally break my fast each day with an Isa Lean protein shake by Isagenix. 

It’s quick and tastes great and because it’s a meal replacement I don’t have to add anything else to it to get my day started with a ton of nutrition.

When we are in a hurry they eat one too.

#2: Reach For Adaptogens To Beat Stress

What word goes hand-in-hand with back to school?


And when stress becomes more than just an occasional thing—as in you’re stressed all the time—then it’s a problem that needs to be fixed.

What’s worse too, is that chronic levels of stress can be the worst thing for weight loss and fitness goals.

Stress hormones are linked to increasing unsightly belly fat.

This is where adaptogens come in.

Clinically shown for more than 30 years now to increase the body’s ability to deal with stress, adaptogens are also known to improve attention and focus.

Just take the meaning of the word, adaptogen, it means “to adjust”.

The most effective adaptogen product I’ve found is Ionix Supreme. 

It was designed to help you beat stress due because it is chock-full of adaptogens. 

It’s easy to add to your protein shake or take alone as a refreshing drink.

Read more about Ionix here

#3: Make The Most Of What You Eat And Drink

Probably the most overlooked factor in shaping up is getting adequate vitamins and minerals.

We need them to operate at an optimal level.

Sadly most food is short on nutrients so you won’t get what you need from food unless you choose wisely.

Eventually, you’ll become run down and not in the tip-top shape you’re trying for.

If what you eat and drinking isn’t nourishing your body don’t eat it.

For instance, buy organic when you can and avoid fast food.

Whatever you do, don’t stop at Starbucks after drop off.

You don’t need all the extra sugar and toxins.

#4: Practice Healthy Snacking

Let’s face it: a craving is a craving.

And they can be hard to get over.

To stop eating junk food you’re going to need an arsenal of healthy snacks in the cupboard.

Studies have shown that weight gain most certainly comes in an eating environment that allows uncontrolled snacking because usually that snacking is on high-calorie, sugar-and-fat-laden treats.

Always have protein bars, nuts, fruit, and veggies on hand so you don’t grab the junk food.

#5 Eat A Healthy Snack Before You Pick Up The Kids From School

Moms, you have a big impact on how the afternoon goes with your children.

If you have a stomach full of healthy food when you pick up your kids you’re more likely to be able to handle whatever comes your way in the afternoon.  

Not to mention keep you from eating junk during after school activities.

Don’t eat anything that will spike your blood sugar and leave you crashing right at the time you are sitting in the carpool line otherwise you may have a scowl on your face rather than a smile when you greet your kids.

Your kids need you happy and ready to help them thru the transition from school to home.

To deal with afternoon slumps I usually grab a protein bar, apple with peanut butter, or a protein shake.

You’ve Got This

Even if you don’t need to lose weight you probably can benefit from eating better and getting proper nutrients.

With the right nutritional support, there’s no reason not to make this school year a healthier and happier one.

Healthy Mom = Happy Mom= Happier Kids

Struggling to Lose Weight?

Combine the 5 tips above with the Isagenix 30 Day Superfood Cleansing System.

It’s easy, it won’t interrupt your day, and it’s packed with nutrition.

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