Not All Whey Protein Is Created Equal

When you hear the words WHEY PROTEIN you might often think of the bulk muscle building powders in many bodybuilding stores.

The truth is that many of the brands (and even many of the natural brands) in health food stores are using inferior sources of whey protein which has resulted in giving this nutritional powerhouse a bad wrap.

I laid out in this post what to look for when selecting whey protein in order to gain its maximum health benefits.

Isagenix surpasses all the qualifications!

Grass fed, GMO-free, Raw, Acid-free processing, Concentrate NOT ISOLATE,  NOT ARTIFICIALLY sweetened and free from heavy metals.

I encourage you to do your research — many protein supplements out there are not quality and could do you more harm than good.

For my meal replacement I use the Isagenix Isalean Shake and for a protein supplement, I use IsaPro.

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