10 Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits

While there are many different oils to choose from, peppermint is one of my favorites. I always have some in my purse. It’s one of the top 2 essential oils used in the United States and there have been over 1,000 studies on … Read More

Should We Worry About Sunscreens? Get This DIY Sunscreen Recipe.

Sunscreens have been around quite a while and we’ve all used them for sun protection. They’re common in our homes and for everyday use but are these sun protectors even safe? Researchers finding that even though sunscreens might protect us from the harmful … Read More

The Biggest Loser Diet Plan

In 2015, I met a woman who tried out for the Biggest Loser Show show but didn’t make it. It got me wondering about The Biggest Loser Diet Plan and what it entails. Jill, me, and my friend Michelle  in 2015 The Biggest … Read More

9 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

I know you’ve seen dozens of articles about losing weight and they all promise fast weight loss. It’s easy to get skeptical and not believe anything you read. With that said, there are a few things you can do to lose weight … Read More

Can I Buy Isagenix In The UK?

You can now buy Isagenix in the UK. Simply go directly to Isagenix.com to register and order products. Where Can You Get Isagenix Products If you live in the United States, United Kindom, Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia, Puerto … Read More

10 Benefits of Broccoli and Why You Should Eat It

Broccoli has many benefits and is one of those vegetables that is easily incorporated into your diet and since it has so many nutrients deciding to eat it is a no brainer. In case you didn’t know, Broccoli is a member of … Read More


Superfood Nutritional Cleansing System

Superfood Nutritional Cleansing System

It's trending on Facebook, Google, Pinterest and Instagram. People are raving about the "Superfood Nutritional Cleansing System"!  Learn more about the cleansing system everyone is talking about. 30 Day Cleanse or 9 Day CleanseSaveSave