2 AMAZING Websites for FREE At-Home Workouts

Dave and I work out at home and like to try a variety of workouts. In this post, I'll share our 2 favorite websites for free workouts.  Plus, show you some of our favorite workouts from both sites. If you [...]

The Impact of Aging on Addiction and Recovery in Women

As the clock ticks forward, the challenges and dynamics of addiction and recovery evolve, particularly for women. Aging brings with it a slew of changes that can both complicate and clarify the path to sobriety. This deep dive explores how [...]

Ways To Maintain Sobriety Through Holistic Living

Embracing a new lifestyle after rehabilitation can be both invigorating and daunting. Sobriety is not just a phase but a profound transformation that asks for ongoing commitment and nurturing. To continue on this path, it's essential to adopt practices that [...]

Unlock the Secrets of Detoxifying Plants: Your Ultimate Guide to Cleansing Naturally

When you want a first-hand lesson in the health power of whole plant foods and detoxifying herbs, look no further than your local herb garden or a wild meadow. Your body has its own natural system for detoxification. That includes [...]

6 Ways To Naturally Detox Daily

Detox is quite the buzzword, and for good reason. We are exposed to toxins every day. If you are an avid enthusiast of detoxifying your body or just learning about it, you should know that it doesn't have to be [...]

Use Natural Mosquito Repellent Instead Of DEET

Aside from being annoying, most of us are concerned that mosquitoes could be spreading diseases like West Nile or Zika. With that concern and annoyance, most of us are reaching for bug sprays these days, but how safe are they? [...]

Over 100 Smart and Practical Ways To Use Your Essential Oils

I've written over 20 blog posts about essential oils which include over 100 uses, recipes, and blends. To simplify things for you I've provided quick links below so you can hop on over to the post you want to read. [...]