30 Day HIIT Workout Plan

My husband recorded his "30 Days of HIIT" workout using the program below. I've put all the workouts here in one post so you can easily click on them to watch and follow along. As an alternative download the plan [...]

52 Health Tips For 2023

We can either propel ourselves to a healthier lifestyle or we can settle for just mediocre health. I turned 55 this year and I know what I do in the next few years will have a big impact on my [...]

11 Sports That Will Help You Burn Fat

Whether you absolutely loved playing sports in high school and were the king or queen of the jocks or would use any opportunity to avoid PE, there’s no denying that physical exercise is the best way to burn fat and [...]

10 Easy Ways To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

I love the holidays and all the sweet treats and savory foods associated with them. What about you? It all starts with Halloween candy followed by bountiful food at Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, New Year's Eve, and before you know it [...]

Sign Up For Avon For Free

You can sign up to sell Avon by becoming an Avon representative with just a few easy steps. Sell Avon part-time, full-time, or just join Avon for the 25% off discount.  (as you build your business you can earn a [...]

Best Avon Collagen Boosters

Collagen is a protein – a building block for your skin – a super ingredient to keep skin from sagging. There are several ways to rebuild your collagen levels and most researchers indicate taking a collagen supplement is the most [...]

25 Great Smelling Orange Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes and Benefits

  Just like the fruit, Orange essential oil has many benefits and smells so good in your diffuser or mixed with other complementing oils. You'll find that orange oil: ✔helps depression and low mood because it's naturally uplifting ✔promotes clear [...]

Top 45 Online Thrift Stores For Second Hand Clothing

There's nothing better than finding a deal at a thrift store except maybe finding that deal from the comfort of your own home. Today you can find a number of online thrift stores selling second-hand reclaimed fashion, furniture, and vintage [...]