How Much Does The Isagenix System Cost? How Much Is Isagenix?


Some of the most common questions I get are how much is the Isagenix 30 Day System, how much is the Isagenix membership, what packages can I buy, how much is it to become an Isagenix associate, or what is the start-up cost.

I’ll answer your questions below and help you get started.

If you would prefer to talk to someone on the phone or text with a question, call or text Stacy @214-533-0328

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what is the isagenix start up cost

  • The Isagenix membership was previously known as “preferred customer” but it is now called Subscription and is free for customers. 
  • If you want to sell Isagenix you start with buying Isagenix as a preferred customer and then convert to an associate (annual fee $29) inside your account.
  • If you want to buy Isagenix at wholesale you simply go to the Isagenix website, select your products, and then hit “buy now” (not retail) and create your subscriber account.
  • To get Free Shipping on your first order simply create a subscription rewards account and order the products you want to try.
  • The most Premium 30 Day System is a perfect starter pack for both customers and new associates because it has the best blender for your shakes, protein bars, natural energy drinks, and samples.

I’ve created a quick rundown of the 4 most popular Isagenix weight loss packages below so you can see the price you will be paying.

*Order from my buy buttons to get your FREE SHIPPING when you become a preferred subscriber*

Buy Isagenix Wholesale

Buy Isagenix Wholesale

30 Day Cleansing and Fat-Burning System

This pack is excellent for people interested in committing at least 30 days to a healthier lifestyle and who would like to follow an easy effective schedule to help burn fat and build lean muscle.

In This Pack:

4 Boxes/Canisters IsaLean Shakes (54 servings)
1 Bottle Ionix Supreme 
2 Bottle Cleanse for Life 
1 Bottle Isagenix Snacks 
1 Bottle Natural Accelerator
1 Bottle IsaFlush
4 Hydrate Drink Sticks
Complete Instruction Guide

One Time Order: $349
Subscriber: $320 & Free Shipping

Buy Isagenix Wholesale

30 Day Premium Pack

The Premium Pack (previously called the Pacesetter Pack) includes the full 30 Day System as above plus $155 in additional products.

This is the pack I recommend to my new customers and associates who want to try all the weight loss products but keep start-up costs reasonable.

In This Pack:

4 Boxes/Canisters IsaLean Shakes (54 servings)
1 Bottle Ionix Supreme 
2 Bottle Cleanse for Life 
1 Bottle Isagenix Snacks 
1 Bottle Natural Accelerator
1 Bottle IsaFlush
1 Box IsaDelights (30 chocolates)
1 Box Isalean Bars (10 bars)
1 Box Whey Thins (10 packs)
1 Box E-Shots (6 drinks)
Sample Pack
IsaBlender Max 
Complete Instruction Guide

One Time Order: $514
Subscriber: $394 & Free Shipping

Buy Isagenix Wholesale

 30 Day Weight Loss Value Pack

The Weight Loss Value Pack includes the 30 Day System plus lots of extras.

This is the best value if you want to try all the weight loss products!

In This Pack:

4 Boxes/Canisters IsaLean Shakes (54 servings)
1 Bottle Ionix Supreme 
2 Bottle Cleanse for Life 
1 Bottle Isagenix Snacks 
1 Bottle Natural Accelerator
1 Bottle IsaFlush
1 Box Complete Essentials Daily Pack with IsaGenesis® (30 day supply)
1 Canister Isagenix Greens (30 servings)
1 Box IsaDelights (30 servings)
1 Box Isalean Bars (10 bars)
1 Box Whey Thins (10 packs)
1 Box E-Shots (6 drinks)
IsaBlender Max 
Complete Instruction Guide

One Time Order: $792
Subscriber: $616 & Free Shipping

Buy Isagenix Wholesale

Buy Isagenix Cheap and at the best price available.9 Day Cleansing System

The 9 Day Cleansing System is for you if you want to sample the products and do a quick cleanse.

Note: If you and a friend want to do a short cleanse together I suggest buying a 30 Day System and splitting it.

In This Pack:

1 Canister IsaLean Shakes (14 servings)
2 Bottles Cleanse for Life 
1 Bottle Isagenix Snacks
1 Bottle Natural Accelerator 
Complete Instruction Guide

One Time Order: $231
Subscriber: $173 & Free Shipping

Buy Isagenix Wholesale

How Much Are Isagenix Shakes?

So the other top question I get is about the price of the Isagenix protein shakes.

There are several different types of Isagenix shakes and prices vary.

Listed below are the wholesale prices:

Isalean Shake: $49
Isalean Pro Shake: $57
Whole Blend Isalean Whey Shake: $50
Whole Blend Isalean Dairy Free Shake: $53

Which Isalean Shakes Should You Order?

When you select the shakes in your pack you can select the original meal replacement Isalean shakes (whey) or the Whole Blend Shakes (whey or plant-based).

I recommend you start with the Isalean Shakes with your first order unless you want plant-based.

Isapro and Tri-Release shakes are used as a supplement and not recommended until you’ve used Isagenix for a while or part of the Belly Buster.


Calories in Isagenix Shakes

To read more about the Whole Blend Shakes Click Here

Isagenix Packages - Every Day Shake Pack

For additional Isagenix products and prices Click Here

What Is The Celletoi Skin Care Line?

This skincare line replaces Rejuvity Skincare and is proving to be very effective in smoothing fine lines, adding moisture, and perfect for all skin types.

Click here to learn about this incredible new skincare line

Isagenix skin care. what is celletoi

What Is The Collagen Elixir?

This incredible marine collagen will make your skin glow from the inside out! Learn more about it here

Buy Isagenix Collagen Online

Select Your Level Of Savings

When you get to the Isagenix website to place your order you order as a subscriber or a one-time order.

Subscriber –  (Wholesale -Lowest Price)

  • Up to 15% OFF any Isagenix product you order
  • Free Shipping
  • $9.95 Flat Rate shipping on Subscription orders ONLY
  • Early access to brand-new product launches
  • Exclusive promotional offers
  • Simple-to-manage subscription frequency
  • Easily cancel your Subscription hassle-free at any time inside your Isagenix account.

One-Time Order As A Guest

  • Order 1 time without opening an account
  • Will get the retail price

How Expensive Is Isagenix?

People tell me Isagenix is expensive but I think of it as simply reallocating what I spend on groceries and eating out each month.

Instead of $5 here and $20 there, I get my meals ahead of time.

I know what I’ll eat each day without all the meal prep and hassle.

Buy Isagenix Wholesale

How Much Does Isagenix cost?

It’s Easy To Work Into Your Schedule

The Isagenix meal plan is easy to follow.

Simply drink 2 shakes a day + a sensible 400-600 calorie meal.

You decide when to have your shakes and how they will fit best into your schedule.

If you exercise or have a strenuous job you may need to add a few additional healthy snacks.

Find what works for your schedule.

Why Buy Isagenix From Me?

✔I am an authorized distributor for Isagenix and I’ve been using and selling these products for over 5 years.

I don’t hide behind stock images. You can learn about me on all my social media and here on my site.

✔I will give you whatever guidance you need or want

✔I will send you a message when you first order but won’t bug you with countless emails.

✔I will never ask you to post on social media or tell anyone you are using the products unless you want to. 

You can place your order online or call me so I can help you personalize your order.

Buy Isagenix Wholesale

Reach me by phone or text at 214-533-0328 with any questions.

Not Ready To Order?

I understand that sometimes the timing isn’t right to purchase so get on my list to be notified of all the Isagenix specials and promotions.

No worries. Your email is safe with me.

Isagenix Free Membership


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Reader Comments

  1. Bettie Pasco says:

    Hey Stacie, I have been listening to the isolean utube videos and thinking I really want to try this. I am a Nurse that works the night shift and have bee trying to figure out how to make isogenics program work for me. I do need to order and would like to do this fro you. Shoot me an email and maybe u can help me figure out a good routine. Thanks!

    1. Stacy Russell says:

      Hi Bettie, Thanks for reaching out.
      I will email you as well but I will leave a comment here, too.
      Basically, you just use the products during your wake hours at night. You really can’t mess the system up unless you eat pizza and junk every day.
      I know that sounds too simple to be true. However, I do think the products are easily adjusted.
      I would be happy to help you adjust the system to fit your exact schedule in order to help you get the best results.
      We could either talk via phone before or after you order your 30 Day System. Right now, Isagenix is having a special promotion. $30 off. You can go here for the details:

  2. Kelly Vanasse says:

    I have never been one to want to rely on shakes and pills for my weight loss. Can you tell me if this is something I will need to stay on forever? after losing weight how do I adjust? I’m currently going through peri-menopause and have extra weight that seems to come on over night!

    1. Stacy Russell says:

      Hi Kelly, thanks for leaving a comment.
      The short answer is no you do not need to stay on the shakes forever.
      However, it is like any other ways of losing weight if you go back to what you were doing before you lost weight then you will gain the weight back.

      I’m 51 so I know it is tricky going thru peri-menopause because what worked in the past to maintain your weight as we get older changes.

      Most people get the 30 Day System and use it as is the first month.( 2 shakes a day, healthy meal/snacks and support products). Then use the products until they lose the weight.

      Ideally, you will find a new lifestyle that will help you keep the weight off for good and most people end up continuing with one or more of the products because they like how they feel or they like the taste.

      After 6 years I still drink a shake most days of the week, drink the greens, and take the vitamins. I intermittent fast daily so I skip breakfast, have a shake and then eat dinner with my family.

      I think of the shakes as food. They aren’t like slim fast that are full of junk. These are full of nutrition and the right macros. I like having a shake daily because it’s one less thing to think about and they taste good to me. I hate to meal plan and I’m busy during the day running our businesses and homeschooling so drinking a shake works great for me.

      Protein shakes get a bad rap but if the shake is quality ingredients and you enjoy it then why not. These same people typically eat at a restaurant and never think twice about it.

      We do have to adjust what we eat one way or another. If you like to cook and enjoy meal planning/cooking then you might transition out of the shakes when you get to your goal weight or whenever you feel like it.

      That was a long answer but it really is different for each person. I have customers who buy the 30 day cleanse once a year after vacation and others who have been using one or more of the products for 5 years.
      Others bought the 30-day system once, lost some weight and that was all they needed to jump-start their weight loss efforts.

      Ideally, I think most people would benefit from transitioning to daily intermittent fasting and taking the Isagenix products to fill nutritional gaps or support their health issues. (we have an assortment of products for health like vitamins, essential oils, adaptogens, skin care line, and immune support).

      If you decide to give the Isagenix products a try I can help you tweak it to reach your goals the first month and beyond.
      Also, be sure to contact me before you order because I usually have a coupon code or shipping rebate.

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