Most Definitely Color Street

This Color Street shade was most definitely popular.

A clear and teal glitter overlay that could be mixed with blue solids or other glitters.


Most Definitely Color Street\

In Stock Color Street Clear Overlays

These are other clear overlays you might be interested in.

Wear these clear glitter-dipped strips alone on bare nails or layer them over your favorite nail color for a whole new look.

Please note that due to the nature of the glitter-dip printing technology, the sizing of glitter-dipped nail strips is slightly smaller than the standard manicure sets.

1. Coming Up Rose Gold

A rose gold sparkle glitter and clear strip. 

Coming Up Gold Color Street

2. Over The Moon

A clear satiny white glitter-dipped shade.

Over The Moon Colo Street

3. No Holding Back

A clear glitter-dipped overlay with black and holographic sparkles is an out-of-the-ordinary look.

No Holding Black Color Street


Most Definitely Mixed Manis 

These are some examples of fun mix manis you can make with your Color Street nails.

Use them for inspiration to make your own.

  • Holy Teal-edo
  • Chilladelphia
  • At the Plaza
  • Most Definitely

Color Street Most Defintely

  • Swiss and Tell 
  • Oslo and Steady
  • Between the Lines
  • Most Definitely

Color Street Most Defintely Mixed Mani 

  • Teal We Meet Again
  • Berlin it to Win It
  • Most Definitely

Is Color Street Home Sleet Home Sheer?

Yes, this holographic and color-shifting sheer is subtle by itself or can be layered over a dark base coat.

Compare These Overlays

  • Tiny & Shiny
  • Wannabe

Color Street Overlay Comparison

Seasonal Color Street Nail Colors

Click the link to view the limited supply of seasonal shades.

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