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The Color Street 2022 Christmas holiday nail color shades are here with the “Home for the Holidays” collection.

This limited-edition holiday collection includes 13 limited-edition shades that’ll have you glimmering and shimmering through the holiday Christmas season.

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Get Your Christmas Nails For Free

You can host a Color Street party and earn credit for free nails. 

This is an easy way to save money and get the Color Street nails you want.

Email me at to ask me how.

Color Street nail strips are made of real nail polish and are not nail stickers.

Your friends won’t be able to get these designs anywhere else and they will want to buy some when they see yours.

Color Street Holiday Christmas Nail Art Shades

These designs will be trendy this year. Which one will be your favorite?

Color Street Christmas nails

Yule Be Delighted

This is a sparkling, holographic emerald glitter that will look great all season long.

Color Street Christmas 2022 Nail Art

Nose So Bright

A glittery garnet red with violet flecks will look perfect during Christmas and New Years.

Color Street Christmas Nail Art

Naughty or Ice?

A shimmery, metallic blue will look great any time of year.

Christmas Holiday Color Street nail shades

Make Spirits Bright

An ultra-festive mix of red and green ombre topped with red and green glitter.

Color Street Christmas Holiday nails

Festival of Lights

A design of holographic light to deep teal blue nail design.

Color Street Christmas Nail Designs

Snowed In

A multicolored pastel snowflake design takes winter nails to a new level.

White Color Street Christmas Nails

Gift Swap

A glittering motif that includes red and green stars and festive gift-wrapped bows.

Color Street Christmas Nail Art

Checking It Twice

A glittering red, white, green, and gold holiday plaid makes for trendy holiday nails.

Color Street Holiday nails

Evergreen Queen

A shimmery forest green gingham and tree silhouette pattern takes green nails to a new level.

Green Color Street Nails

In a Flurry

A French manicure set with glitter deep blue tips and a clear overlay with frosty snowflake.

Color Street Christmas Tips

Happy Holly Days

A French manicure set with sparkly cherry red tips and a clear overlay with sprigs of holly.

Red Color Street Tips

Got Caroled Away

A clear overlay 4-strip accent set with festive musical tunes (also available in a 2 pack bundle).

Color Street Christmas 2022

Baking Memories

A sweet 4-strip accent set featuring peppermint swirls and gingerbread figures (also available in a 2 pack bundle).

Color Street Nail Art

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Christmas 2021 Nail Art

These are the Color Street nail designs from 2021.


Collagen For Nail Growth & Repair

If you aren’t using Collagen yet you should start using it to help keep your nails strong.

Changing out your nail polish on a regular basis can weaken your nails so you want the right nutrients to repair them as fast as possible.

My favorites are Isagenix Liquid Collagen and Vital Proteins on Amazon.

If you have a favorite leave me a comment below.

Color Street Nails - Collagen For nails

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Frequently Asked Questions About Color Street

I’ve answered a few questions here but you can learn more in my Color Street post here.

How long should you wait to shower after applying Color Street?

I would wait at least 30 minutes – and ideally overnight – before submerging your hands in water.

How long is Color Street supposed to last?

Color Street nails are 100% nail polish strips that last for roughly two weeks depending on how hard you are on your nails.

I like to apply at least 2 coats of clear nail polish over mine.

Can Color street damage your nails?

No, color street nail polish strips won’t ruin your nails unless you pick or peel them off.

The risk is pretty much the same as painting your nails with regular nail polish.

Be sure to take them off with non-acetone nail polish remover and use cuticle oil to prevent drying.

How long do Color Street nails last once opened?

Once your open your Color Street nails they will dry out within a day or so.

The best way to store opened Color Street nails is to put them back into the original plastic packet, remove the air and seal the package shut using a flat iron.

This should keep them for a few weeks in case you have to do a touch-up.

Note: There is no guarantee you can reuse them as they are sold for one-time use.

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