Color Street Halloween 2022

2022 Halloween Color Street nails

The Color Street Halloween 2022 shades are available!

They are a big hit every year so you’ll want to buy yours before they sell out.

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Color Street Halloween 2022

Seven shades that (dis)embody the spirit of the season:

  1. Too Ghoul for You: a glow-in-the-dark shade with cute ghosts and a twinkling night sky
  2. Face the Jacks: a transparent overlay of mischievous jack-o-lantern grins
  3. Put It to Rest: a purple shade with mummified, crisscrossed detailing
  4. Do Your Fang: a design featuring bats swarming over a glittery black to orange glitter gradient
  5. Loch Ness Monstress: a chilling midnight black with spellbinding, prismatic flakes
  6. Sweet Tooth: a glittery orange, yellow, and white design inspired by candy corn
  7. Watch Your Web: a glittery dark to soft gray ombré covered with cobwebs

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Color Street Halloween 2022

Color Street Halloween – Face The Jacks

Color street Halloween 2022

Color Street Halloween – Lochness Monstress


Color Street Halloween – Watch Your Web

Halloween Color Street 2022

Color Street Halloween – Sweet Tooth

Color Street Halloween - Sweet Tooth

Put It to Rest Or Watch Your Web

Pretty Chic Suite always has the best Halloween nail graphics!

Color Street Halloween - This or That

Do Your Fang Or Loch Ness Monstress

Color Street Halloween 2022


Color Street Cuticle Oil, Lotion, and Basecoat

These additions to the Color Street line will help your nails and cuticles so your nail polish looks better longer.

Toughen up your tips with a nail strengthener that restores weak, fragile nails. 

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Color Street Nail Strengthener Basecoat

Benefits Of Cuticle Oil

This oil conditions your cuticles and nails with an ultra-rich cuticle oil formulated with 6 nourishing oils and vitamin e.

If you can’t get this cuticle oil right away try some of these DIY Cuticle Oil Recipes.

Cuticle Oil Color Street Benefits

Anti Aging Hand Lotion

Hydrate your hands with this lightweight moisturizer that is formulated with silk amino acids, oils, and vitamins to restore moisture for more youthful nourished hands.

Anti aging hand lotion

Collagen For Nail Growth & Repair

If you aren’t using Collagen yet you should start using it to help keep your nails strong.

Changing out your nail polish on a regular basis can weaken your nails so you want the right nutrients to repair them as fast as possible.

My favorites are Isagenix Liquid Collagen and Vital Proteins on Amazon.

If you have a favorite leave me a comment below.

How much does Isagenix collagen cost

Color Street Halloween 2021

Color Street Halloween 2021

These shades were popular Color Street Halloween 2021

  • Jack of All Trades:  glittery orange carved pumpkin design
  • Web of Lies:  clear nail art overlay of spiderwebs and accompanying arachnids
  • Bad Blood: shimmering scarlet red
  • Magic Potion:color-shifting green-to-purple and abstract pattern
  • Midnight Shift: sparkling black and blue gradient
  • Feeling Fab-boo-lous: glow-in-the-dark ghost design

The Color Street Halloween collection is a limited edition, only available while supplies last.

Color Street Fall 2022 

You can view the Fall shades for 2022 here

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