22 Important Benefits Of Wearing Organic Clothing

You eat organic food because you want to keep your body free from harsh chemicals. These chemicals include pesticides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers.

They’ve been shown to cause cancer, immune dysfunction, neurological disorders, allergies, and much more.

Guess what…

…those same chemicals are found on your clothing and regular everyday cotton is one of the biggest contaminants.

The benefits of switching not only affect your health but also organic cotton has some other surprising benefits, too. 

Benefits of wearing and buying organic clothing

22 Benefits Of Wearing Organic Clothing

I’ll start with the health benefits and move on to some others you’ll want to know.

1. No harmful chemicals are sprayed on organic cotton crops

This means there are fewer chemical pollutants in the air we breathe.

Learn the benefits of buying and using organic cotton clothing

2. Organic farming methods mean less chemical runoff

This results in fewer pollutants in our soil and drinking water.

3. When you buy organic clothing for your children they don’t absorb chemical residue into their skin

Children’s skin is more porous and sensitive than an adults so they absorb more toxins.

4. Fewer allergic reactions.

Many people suffer from rashes and other skin conditions and much of the problem is the clothing they wear.

Harsh toxic chemicals including formaldehyde and ammonia are used to treat cotton and cotton fabrics.

Organic clothing doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or dyes that can irritate the skin.

buy organic clothing

5. No exposure to probable carcinogens

Many items of cotton clothing are treated with formaldehyde which is used to help prevent significant wrinkling and helps extend the life of the clothing. (It’s the same reason they use it for embalming so the tissue lasts longer.)

However, formaldehyde is classified as a probable human carcinogen so wearing non-organic clothing then exposes you to a probable cause of cancer.

6. Many pesticides and herbicides have been shown to cause:

* Cancer
* Immune System Suppression
* Nervous System Disorders
* Reproductive Damage
* Hormone Disruption
You don’t experience these same risks when you buy and wear organic clothing.

7. Ammonia, petroleum products, and even heavy metals are used during the clothing creation process

Heavy metals have been shown to cause cancer, nerve damage, and death.

When non-organic clothing is treated with these chemicals they end up in your groundwater, air, and soil. They also end up on your skin.

Organic clothing reduces your exposure to these chemicals.

Benefits of buying organic clothing

8. The majority of synthetic fabrics, including polyester and nylon, are made from products derived from petroleum

Like all petroleum-based products, clothing made from these fibers releases toxic fumes through a process known as off-gassing. You breathe them in on a daily basis.

When you buy organic clothing fewer chemicals are released into the atmosphere. Fewer chemicals and toxic fumes end up in your lungs.

According to the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia, these fumes contribute to allergies, chemical sensitivities, cancers, and other illnesses, particularly in young children.

9. Your children are not exposed to toxins

A report by the United States Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry indicates that children exposed to methyl parathion, an insecticide, suffer memory loss and emotional swings.

10. Organic clothing is a huge step toward preventing death from pesticide poisoning

According to the Pesticide Action Network of America, PANNA, the World Health Organization estimates that pesticides poison at least three million people every year. 200,000 of those people die as a result of pesticide poisoning.

11. It’s Attractive!

There’s a common myth that organic clothing is ugly.

It’s not the drab baggy clothing you might think. Of course, you can probably find drab, baggy clothing if you like.

However, you can also find attractive organic clothing to fit any style, lifestyle, or budget.

12. It’s varied

You can find organic socks, organic evening dresses, and tuxedos.

You can find organic sweaters, shirts, jeans, and pajamas.

For any item of clothing you need, you can find an organic version.

13. It’s more than just cotton

We’ve mainly talked about organic cotton however organic clothing is made from more than just cotton.

Other materials include cotton, wool, silk, hemp, soy, and bamboo. 

14. It’s durable

The colors on organic cotton clothing don’t fade as quickly.

In fact, many people believe that the older the clothing gets, the better it looks.

Conventionally manufactured cotton clothing lasts about ten to twenty washes before it starts to break down. Organic cotton material doesn’t start to break down until about one hundred washes.

Why such a difference?

The chemicals used to grow and treat the cotton are harsh and they make the cotton fabrics vulnerable and fragile.

Hemp clothing lasts for decades and it’s also naturally fade-resistant due to the porous nature of the fibers.

Organic farming

15. You’re improving the world for others

Organic farming methods use safer practices so farmers are not exposed to dangerous chemicals. Nearby villages and neighborhoods aren’t in the path of runoff and dust.

Also, much of the work in a field is done by hand which limits a farmworker’s exposure to dangerous and often deadly farm equipment.

16. You’re changing the economy

When choosing to only purchase organic clothing for you and your family, you are helping to change the world. You are supporting the organic farmers and manufacturers.

The market listens to trends and the demand of the public.

If you stop buying non-organic clothing and spend your hard-earned money on organic, more organic clothing will be made.

You’re also helping to support smaller farmers and economies. They’re often the ones who practice organic farming.

17. It’s affordable and getting more affordable every day

Traditionally, organic clothing has been expensive.

However, two key things have begun to lower the prices. Organic farming methods are catching on and they’re also being improved and this lowers the cost of organic clothing.

Additionally, as demand increases for organic clothing more and more manufacturers are getting in on the trend.

You can find organic clothing at your local retailer like the Gap and you can find high-end organic clothing.

18. It’s really comfortable

There’s a myth that organic clothing isn’t comfortable. That it has the consistency of burlap and all the appeal to go along with it.

That’s not true. Organic clothing is extremely comfortable.

It’s even luxurious and it stays soft and comfortable.

During traditional clothing processes, the fibers are often stripped of their natural elements.

Organic materials retain all of their natural oils and wax. This gives them a nice sheen but also a soft feel.

Don’t believe it? Go touch some organic clothing. Feel it against your skin.

19. It’s antimicrobial

Hemp, which has been used to make clothing for centuries, is antimicrobial and mold-resistant.

Actually, many organic materials wick the water away from your skin.

Even when you’re sweating you’re staying comfortable, dry, and bacteria-free.

In fact, many fitness clothing manufacturers now make organic fitness clothing.

20. It protects you from the sun!

The natural elements in organic fibers are not stripped away by chemical processes.

They actually block UVA and UVB rays so it’s a natural sunscreen.

21. It’s easy to find

A few years ago you might have had a difficult time finding organic clothing.

However many mainstream retailers are now getting in on the action.

You can find organic clothing online, at specialty boutiques, and major retailers.

Wholepeople has a list of 43 best sustainable clothing brands you might want to check out.

22. It’s really easy to care for

Organic clothing is easy to care for. It doesn’t require dry cleaning, which releases toxins into the environment.

It wears well and lasts a long time.

Simply wash at home, dry according to the directions on the label, and enjoy. A simple steam iron will remove wrinkles.

And if you use eco-friendly detergent you’re carrying on the environmentally friendly theme.

Bottom Line

Buying organic clothing is much better for your health and the health of your loved ones.

In addition to receiving immediate benefits by reducing your exposure to toxins, you also reduce the exposure for future generations plus you’ll save money because your clothes will last longer.

What do you think? If you already wear organic clothing let me know the brand. If you don’t, will you start switching to organic?




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  1. Dre says:

    That was a fascinating read. I didn’t know that carcinogen was also in clothes. I’m aware it’s in some foods and drinks. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Stacy Russell says:

      It’s crazy where toxins can be lurking. We can’t hide from them but we can eliminate them when it’s reasonable.

  2. Luke Smith says:

    It’s nice that you pointed out how organic clothing doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or dyes that can irritate the skin. I need new clothes and I am looking for ones that wouldn’t irritate my skin. Organic ones seem like the best option, so first off, I am thinking of buying an organic cotton black and white hoodie.

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