19 Self-Care Strategies To Improve Your Mental And Physical Health

There are tons of good habits that one can add to their life to improve their physical and mental health.

We all seem to lead such hectic lives and it’s easy to stop doing the things we know are good for us.

Times have changed, but our bodies can’t handle the stresses we place upon it.

Are you feeling like we’ve reached a stage where what would have seemed to be insanity in the past, is the norm now?

This probably explains why more people than ever are physically and mentally unwell.

Health hacks and tips for daily life

Let’s look at the habits and hacks you can try this week to get back on track.

Not all these will work for everyone, but you’ll definitely find a few that will.

1. Disconnect from social media

Two decades ago, there was no social media, and people were not glued to their phone screens.

While social media can be fun, it also has a dark side.

It creates a craving for dopamine in your brain with the constant notifications and feedback. It can be addictive and is not healthy in the long run.

Not to mention the constant barrage of news and negative comments that will only rile you up. 

Try to spend less than 30 minutes a day on social media.

Ideally, you should just use it 2 or 3 times a week, if you are too emotionally involved in it.

Disconnecting from social media will do wonders for your mental health.

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Social Media Detox

2. Consume good supplements

Clean eating is great, but supplements can be a game changer especially with our busy lives.

Nutrients in green powders and adaptogens can make a difference in your mental health and your ability to fight off illness.

My mental health favorites:  Amare Mood Plus for Adults and Kids Mood Plus.

3. Use aromatherapy

Diffusing essential oils such as lavender, frankincense or lemongrass will help to create a soothing scent that will help to calm your mind.

Aromatherapy has been shown to have numerous benefits to one’s health. Since it’s a holistic method, not much has been done to study it in detail, but give it a try and see how you feel.

Ultimately, that’s what matters – and if aromatherapy makes you feel happier and calmer, go ahead and use it.

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4. Declutter and live minimally

Time to unleash your inner Marie Kondo. Decluttering has a cathartic feel to it.

Some people cope better when they have fewer possessions and more sparse surroundings.

If you feel like there’s too much going on in your life and you feel smothered, you may wish to try decluttering and living a more minimalistic lifestyle.

You might discover that less is more and your mental health improves tremendously.

Coffee Hack

5. Drink a cup of coffee

Coffee has been shown to lift one’s moods. Its antioxidant properties will help to heal your body from within and the caffeine will alleviate depression, if present.

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6. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is about being present instead of constantly worrying about the future. When you’re engaged in a task at work or even having a meal, you’re fully present in the moment.

There’s no multitasking or looking at your social media apps repeatedly. Mindfulness helps improve focus and also acts as a dopamine detox that your body might be craving.

Also, being mindful helps you recognize symptoms of derealization so you can develop coping strategies.

7. Practice gratitude

Like Aesop said, “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

Spend a few minutes a day being thankful for what you have.

The attitude of gratitude will instantly lift your mood and your vibration since it’s impossible to be dissatisfied and grateful at the same time.

8. Stretch daily 

Sitting at a desk for hours a day in a kyphotic position will cause muscle tension and stress.

Practice stretching your body for 15 to 20 minutes a day. 

Initially, it will seem like a struggle. But as the days go by, you’ll ease into it and feel your muscles relax and your body will have a sense of lightness.

Yoga and exercise with your children

9. Practice yoga

Yoga is another form of stretching but more organized.

Yoga’s focus on the mind, body, and soul connection will have you breathing deeply and stretching your body.

This movement is good for you and will increase your flexibility by loosening tight muscles.

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10. Engage in resistance training 3x a week

Bodyweight training or working out with weights is a wonderful way to strengthen your muscles.

Resistance training prevents osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, and has been shown to have anti-aging effects.

This form of exercise is too important to skip.

Family walk after dinner

11. Go for a walk after dinner

The simple practice of going for a walk after dinner will help you relax from the day and refocus on home.

It’s even better if you can get your spouse or kids to go with you on a family walk.

It doesn’t have to be fast. Just enjoy the stroll and time in nature.

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12. Take an Epsom salt bath

This is as straightforward as it sounds. Give an Epsom salt bath a try and see how you feel.

13. Spend time to look your best

A common symptom of someone who is mentally drained and stressed out is a lack of attention to their appearance. If you look at yourself in the mirror and you look disheveled and worn out, you’ll feel even worse.

Your efforts don’t have to take hours.

You could get a good haircut so you can style your hair better or simply put on mascara and curl your eyelashes in the morning.

You don’t have to take hours to take care of your appearance but whatever you do, don’t stay in your PJ’s all day.

journal for mental health

14. Start journaling

Journaling is a form of stress relief.

Expressing your thoughts and emotions on paper gives your mind release and a form of self-care.

Living in your own head can be taxing if you’re replaying the same events over and over.

By journaling, you’ll experience catharsis and also clarity.

You can use this technique to create lists of things to do, goals to achieve, and so on.

Once it’s in your book and out of your head, you’ll have less thinking to do.

You can buy journals on Amazon or at most local shops.

sleep hacks

15. Have a fixed sleep schedule

Work consumes our lives and bringing your work home and working into the wee hours of the night has become a way of life for millions.

If they’re not working, they’re trying to burn the candles at both ends by getting their fix of social media or binge-watching TV shows.

There is a fear of missing out, and it has reached a stage there’s even an acronym for it – FOMO.

One of the best habits you can have is to go to bed at the same time daily and wake up at the same time.

Once you ingrain this habit in your life, you’ll look and feel much better, rather than feeling drained and stretched thin.

16. Take time for yourself

This is especially true for women who are juggling careers and family commitments.

Everyone is always demanding something from you and the constant act of keeping things in order can cause a nervous breakdown.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break and have 30 minutes to an hour for yourself. If your spouse can look after the kids, you may even take the entire day off and spend time on your own.

What I Do: Every afternoon I take a break by going outside for a least 10-15 minutes. I usually take with me a cold seltzer drink or protein shake and walk around my garden barefoot. I almost always get energized by doing this. When the weather is nice I take a book and stay longer.

“Silence and solitude are the soul’s best friends.” – Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

eat less sugar try this sugar detox

17. Reduce your sugar and salt intake

Sugar and salt cause a plethora of health problems when consumed in excess.

The high fructose corn syrup in processed foods leads to obesity and excess salt in your food will cause hypertension.

Avoid artificial sweeteners too.

Just by reducing your intake of these two ingredients, your health will improve by leaps and bounds.

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Read at night to your children. Reading hacks

18. Read a book

We spend so much time on the computer these days that we forget how relaxing just reading from a book can be.

Especially at night, it can help you unwind. If you don’t enjoy reading try an easy to read novel or even a magazine.

If you have children make a habit of reading to them every day because it will increase their vocabulary and help you learn the joy of reading.

Personal note: When our girls were young my husband started a daily reading ritual with them. Now 14 years later he still reads to them at least 4 days a week.  They’ve read interesting biographies, historical fiction, science fiction, and most importantly the bible together. 

19. Look ahead

Too often, people look back on their past and rekindle old, negative emotions. Regrets, harsh words exchanged, hurt feelings, etc. that happened before should be left in the past.

It’s time to let go. You may write down what you’re feeling on a piece of paper… and when you’re done, you may burn that paper, and as it turns to ashes, that will signify you letting the past stay in the past.

There’s no point in carrying the weighty burdens of yesterday into tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the present look ahead… and forge ahead to a better future.

What Do You Think?

Could you apply these self-care tips in your life? I bet if you do you’ll notice that you mentally feel better in a few days. 

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