10 Ways CBD Oil Can Help Your Cat

Just like we want to reduce the toxins in our family’s food and home we should be looking at ways to help our pets too.

CBD Oil is becoming popular for many reasons and I thought it would be interesting to explore how it can help your cat.

Note: As with anything new you introduce to your pets be sure to check with your veterinarian first and do your own research.

CBD Oil For Cats

The Top 10 Ways CBD OIL Can Help Your Cat

CBD/Hemp oil extract has numerous benefits to solve different problems for cats.

From helping reduce stress, healthy issues, to fear of storms CBD oil is worth looking into.

Here are just some of the benefits being reported for cats.

1. Helps Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease

This is frustratingly common in cats. CBD may have a place alongside other therapies to help reduce inflammation and therefore the symptoms.

2. Safe And Effective

There are hardly any side effects of giving CBD/Hemp oil to your cat.

3. Improves Skin Conditions

By applying CBD oil on your cat’s coat it will help make their skin and coat healthy because cats have cannabis receptors on their skin.

4. Relieves Pain

It’s common for cats to have joint pain and arthritis as they age. CBD Oil can help reduce this pain.

5. Reduces Anxiety

Some cats get nervous around people or when there are loud sounds such as fireworks, construction, etc. CBD Oil will help calm them.

6. Helps Them Sleep Better

CBD Oil will help your cat sleep better by soothing and calming them.

7. Improves Appetite

If your cat doesn’t eat much then CBD Oil may help them.

8. Prevents Cramps And Seizures

Once again, the calming properties of CBD Oil will prevent these stress-related issues from affecting your cat.

9. Prevents Cancer

In studies conducted on animals, the cannabinoids in CBD oil have been shown to prevent and slow the growth of some forms of cancer.

10. Promotes A Healthy Nervous System

CBD Oil is great for cats. Learn some of the benefits and how to give it to them.

How To Give CBD Oil To Your Cat

Most CBD oils come in dropper bottles so that you can add a few drops to your cat’s food.

That sure beats having to give them a pill.

There are many CBD oil brands on the market so be sure to look for organic and toxic-free brands even for your pets.

We want them to live a long and healthy life too!

More CBD benefits in this video:


You Tell Me

Have you given CBD oil to your cat or dog?

If so, leave me a comment about why and what benefits you’ve seen for your pets.


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