What Is The Difference Between Isagenix Associate And Preferred Customer

isagenix associate vs preferred customer

What’s The Difference Between An Isagenix Associate, A Preferred Customer, And A Retail Customer?

  • Isagenix Associate

Someone who wants to get the products at a reduced wholesale price and participate in the Isagenix compensation plan.

  • Preferred Customer

Someone who wants to enjoy the benefits of Isagenix products at reduced wholesale prices without committing to a business or minimum orders.

  • Retail Customer

Someone who does not want to create an Isagenix account and wants to purchase products at the retail cost.

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What Is The Advantage Of Becoming A Preferred Customer?

  • No Membership Fee
  • Free Shipping on first order
  • Purchase products at a discount of 15% off of the retail price.
  • You will receive an online account to place orders, manage your Autoship, and update your personal information. 
  • Although you may not resell products or participate in the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan, you do have a position in the Isagenix genealogy tree.
  • Click here to become a preferred customer

What Is The Advantage Of Becoming An Associate?

  • Able to purchase products at a discount of 15% off of the retail price.
  • Personal Isagenix website you can share with prospective customers so they can learn about Isagenix products and purchase products directly through you.
  • Ability to earn commissions through the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan.
  • Click here to become a preferred customer and then upgrade to Associate for once you’ve created your account and placed an order.

How Do You Become An Isagenix Associate?

What’s The Advantage Of Joining Isagenix With Me?

Good question! Here are just a few facts about me you should know.

  • I’ve been using and selling Isagenix since 2013.
  • I know how to help you get results with the products.
  • You will be joining a group started in 2012 with weekly trainings you can plug into.
  • Unlike most the websites you’ll find selling Isagenix you can learn all about me and see a photo of me.
  • If you only want to become a preferred customer you can do that without ever feeling like you have to share the products with your friends or family.
  • You can reach me by phone at 214-533-0328 or email at stacy@alesstoxiclife.com
  • If you have a website or blog I can share with you my top tips on how to build a business online.


Isagenix 11 Day Cleanse Schedule

Is Autoship Required?

Autoship is not required; however, our Autoship Rewards Pricing is the best way for you to receive maximum savings on all of our paks and systems and guarantees that you’ll never run out of your favorite products.

It also gives you flat rate shipping of $9.95 on all your orders.

One time orders are based on weight.

How Can You Earn Commissions And Compensation Through Isagenix?

There are several ways to earn income as an Independent Associate through our Global Compensation Plan and Isagenix Opportunity.

Please note that earning levels for Isagenix Independent Associates that appear on our website and publications are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors.

For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at IsagenixEarnings.com.

What Does It Mean To Be “Active” And How Do You Do This?

An Associate is considered Active if he/she personally purchases (for retail sale or personal use) and/or has retail direct sales totaling at least 100 PV in the last 30 days.

You Share They Share Video

Click the image below to learn what happens when you share the products.

How To Become Isagenix Associate

How Do I Learn More About The Isagenix Business?

Click the image below to watch various videos to learn more about the Isagenix business opportunity.

Isagenix associate vs perferred customer

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