The Isagenix Compensation Plan

The best way to understand the Isagenix compensation plan and how to make money is to watch the videos I’ve posted below.

Start with the 1st one and work your way to the others to learn how you get paid in Isagenix.

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Isagenix Compensation Plan Basic Explanation

How Much Commission Does Isagenix Pay?

The simple answer is 20%.

Qualified associates earn 20% on each new customer order.

Note: Everyone registers as a preferred customer first to get wholesale prices and then upgrades their account to an associate once they’ve established their Isagenix account.

How Does Isagenix Compensation Work?

When you sign up for Isagenix to become an associate you will earn 20% on all the new customers you refer.

You will earn commission in the binary part of the pay plan as the volume of your orders equals 900 BV.

This video will explain how to earn more than just 20% when you build a team.

How You Get Paid From Isagenix?

You get paid for your preferred customers and retail orders.

What Is The Brand Partner Program?

Join for free and share your links to earn up to 

Learn more about the Isagenix Brand Partner program here

Why Join Isagenix With Me?

I joined Isagenix in 2013 and have been consistently bringing in new customers for over 10 years.

If you join me you will benefit from my efforts as we work together as a team.

Why Is Isagenix Not FDA Approved?

This is a question some people ask before they join Isagenix.

The ingredients in the Isagenix products are FDA approved.

How Much Do Isagenix Consultants Make?

Consultants make a 20% commission on new customer orders.

Watch the videos on this page to learn how you make money on your customer reorders.

Can You Sell Isagenix On Amazon?

Isagenix requests its associates not to sell the products on Amazon or Ebay.

Ready To Get Started As An Associate With Isagenix?

Getting started with Isagenix is very simple and it’s FREE! (as of April 26, 2023)

All you have to do is order the products for your personal use then once your order is processed, follow the instructions inside your back office to upgrade your account to associate.

I suggest getting started with the Isagenix 30 Day Premium Pack, 60 Bottle Collagen Pack, or 7 Day Reset (click the links to be taken straight to those products).

Those packs include the core products for you to use and get familiar with plus Free Membership and Shipping.

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Included With Your Isagenix Associate Membership 

After you become an Isagenix customer you can upgrade your account to an associate inside your account.

I suggest you wait to upgrade your account until we speak so I can make sure you can take full advantage of all these benefits.

  • FREE replicated Isagenix website  (most companies charge $10-$20 per month for this!)
  • Personal help from me and other top leaders in Isagenix 
  • 24/7 online support and training 
  • Welcome pack from me with free products 
  • Extra $50 bonus from me when you enroll your first 2 customers
  • Free Product for every 2 and 5 customers you enroll in a month.

Once you register send me an email at

Reset With A Friend

This is the original infographic that shows what you can earn by sharing the 7-Day Reset with 2 friends.

The 7-Day Reset is a great product to share with friends because it is only $99.

Isagenix Compensation Plan

How To Make Money With The Collagen Elixir

This video will show you how to make money with collagen.

Keep in mind that not all the extra bonuses may not be available at the time you join.

2021 Isagenix Compensation Plan 

The next 2 videos will explain the Isagenix compensation plan in more detail as it was originally set up.

These videos are still relevant in learning about Isagenix.

Part 1 of the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan: Upfront Money

Isagenix Senior Vice President of International Marketing and Culture Erik Coover describes the upfront money you can earn by sharing incredible Isagenix products with people you care about.


Part 2 of the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan: The Bones

Now Erik Coover delves into “the bones” of the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan and how you can earn an Isagenix income by building a network of people who are buying, using, and reordering Isagenix products.

Earn To Pay For Your Products

This illustration shows you how you can earn the cost of your pack back when you sell Isagenix to 2 friends.

The numbers may be off a little with price changes but you will get the idea by looking at this graphic.

Isagenix Compensation Plan - How To earn your money back

Have More Questions?

I understand that these videos may not have answered all your questions about the Isagenix compensation plan so feel free to contact me directly at 214-533-0328.


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Isagenix Compensation plan