Do you know what the codes mean on your produce?


This is a great image for the produce codes. 

Save it on Pinterest so you can come back to it.

I haven’t seen the 5 digit code starting with 8 in my local Kroger but I am keeping an eye out.

What If You Can’t Buy Organic

Sometimes buying organic is not affordable or not in stock.

I suggest to stick to the clean 15 listed on and avoid the dirty dozen.  

How To Avoid Toxins In Your Food

The easiest way to avoid food additives is to shop around the edges of the store in the fresh and frozen food isles but I realize that isn’t always possible.

For instance, when we travel we like to take some fun snacks with us that we don’t normally buy.

So, for instance, when looking for snack bars, chips, and trail mix I looked first for organic and then for ones that contain the fewest additives.

Do What You Can

Remember, do what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t.

Some weeks your budget may not permit you to get organic food or you’re on vacation.

It’s ok.

Do you what you can when you can.

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