Unlock the Secrets of Detoxifying Plants: Your Ultimate Guide to Cleansing Naturally

When you want a first-hand lesson in the health power of whole plant foods and detoxifying herbs, look no further than your local herb garden or a wild meadow.

Your body has its own natural system for detoxification.

That includes your lymphatic system your digestive system, and organs like your kidneys and liver.

All of these systems love a variety of healthy green plants that will help remove toxins from your system!

Dandelion is a detox herb

Although detoxification is taking place in your body all the time, these green herbs give your natural systems a little help, and a kick for cleansing and better overall health and quality of life.

Let’s look at some of the most useful and popular detoxifying plants and herbs people use for herbal remedies.

Each one has its own particular health value, through the natural chemicals in these plants, antioxidants, statins, and everything else.

1. Nettle

Stinging nettle is one of the greatest overall purifying herbs that you’ll see in your detox guide.

But wait, doesn’t it sting?

While nettle can be irritating to the skin, the leaf itself helps to purify the blood and promotes good kidney function.

You can also blend it with other detoxifying herbs for an even more powerful effect.

2. Burdock Root

This wild root has a lot of iron, as well as different types of vitamins.

It’s good for the urinary tract, and for the blood, and has been called a ‘powerful blood tonic’ in ancient books of herbal lore.

It’s maybe one that you don’t hear about as much, now or one that may be harder to find, but it’s worth the search!

3. Echinacea

With this plant, you can use the flowers, or the foliage and roots.

Echinacea has long been known as a cleanser and is a best-seller in many homeopathic shops to give the body a kind of “reset” and promote healing.

It can help with digestion and flush out toxins from the body.

detox herbs

4. Turmeric Root

You may have seen this in your local grocery store.

It’s catching on quite a bit, in health books and detoxifying herb guides due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric is also useful in cooking for its hearty color.

It’s a great addition to soups, like this healing lentil turmeric soup from Abroad Vegan.

Turmeric gives foods a rich orange-yellow or rust color, and may also stain your fingers or your linens.

It’s a stock ingredient in many different types of ethnic cuisine, and can be used in many ways – it’s also anti-inflammatory and helps with the liver.

5. Dandelion

These troublesome weeds in your yard actually have a lot of health value.

The dandelion plant can help stimulate the liver and get rid of toxins in your bloodstream.

It can also be good for the skin and the digestive system, so it’s a good all-around addition to your herbal medicine cabinet.

And although it may look like a nuisance weed, dandelions are great in salads, or even for making certain kinds of teas or wines.

You can eat the flowers and the weeds, and in some areas, people really make use of the dandelion in a culinary way.

5. Parsley

Parsley is, in many ways, a culinary herb.

It’s typically used in very many kinds of dishes from French cooking to Italian cooking and beyond.

Parsley’s rich antioxidants contribute to its health profile.

It’s also known as a good aid to the digestive system and helps with digestive function.

You’ll see it in upscale cookbooks, for many different kinds of meat dishes and more, and as a tasty addition to salads.

6. Thistle

Various thistle varieties help boost liver function and promote the cleansing of toxins from your body.

It may also help get rid of certain kinds of bacteria and is commonly used as a tea or tincture.

herbs that are naturally detoxifying

7. Spirulina

You can tell a lot about the health value of its plant from its bright blue-green color.

It has a lot of specific antioxidants that help with liver and kidney function.

People have used this herb to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

It can also help with Improving blood sugar levels, or, for some cancer patients, reducing tumor growth.

That’s a lot, and this plant figures prominently in a lot of home remedies.

8. Calendula

This is another one that people like to make as tea because it has digestive effects that are helpful.

As a fresh herb, it’s bitter and astringent but can be part of your herbal detox regimen.

marigold for detoxing

9. Marigold

There’s a lot you can get out of the marigold flower.

It looks nice in a garden, but it also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

It can help boost the immune system and help the lymph glands to work.

It can also be used as a cleanser for the skin.

In addition, marigold is an anti-inflammatory and helps boost the immune system.

Use it in teas or with a compress topically.

10. Rosehips

You may have heard of this one from people of past centuries who used rosehips for all sorts of health purposes.

This plant has a lot of vitamin C, as well as A, B1 and B2.

It’s a diuretic and mild laxative, which also helps with certain digestive problems.


Each of these herbs have many medical and culinary uses and a place in your herbal cookbook.

Try any of these detoxifying herbs to cleanse the body and feel better today.

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