What Are Obesogens?

Obesogens”, a term coined for industrial toxins present in our environment, might very well be the primary reason behind obesity.

Obesity is spreading like an epidemic, but it looks like poor diet and health routines along with lack of exercise and willpower, aren’t the only ones to blame after all.

What are Obesogens?

Research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2002 has linked obesity with the rise in industrial toxins.

These toxins are harmful to human health and responsible for causing obesity, birth defects, and cancer because of their effect on the endocrine system.

The initial effects of these toxins were uncovered in the 1980s on breast cancer cells.

They promote the growth of cancer cells, and further research revealed that exposure to these chemicals also caused infertility and mutations in reproductive organs.

Obesogens make us fat and unhealthy

How Do Obesogens Cause Obesity?

Exposure to these endocrine-disrupting toxins like BPA and phthalates among others have various effects on the cells that promote obesity.

It also depends on the timing of exposure as it has been found that pregnant women with exposure to these toxins, can pass it into the developing fetus.

This kind of exposure in the early development stages can set the stage for diabetes or obesity.

These toxins can harm natural health in a number of ways such as through the interaction with the brain, liver, fat cells, or pancreas.

In any case, the result is going to be obesity and diabetes, which in turn gives rise to other health conditions as well.

These obesogens, rightly termed, also encourage the body to store fat and program cells into becoming fat cells rather than muscle or bone.

They can also make the liver resistant to insulin, converting more calories into fat.

They also mess with the hormones, such as that of leptin, preventing its release so that the body does not get the signal that it is full.

This promotes overeating in individuals.

How do toxins make you fat

Toxins you should avoid

How Are We Exposed To Obesogens?

We are exposed to these obesogens in quite a number of ways.

These toxins are present in everything, from household products, canned food linings, wood furniture to paint, plastic bottles, toys, cosmetics, and others.

They are also present in herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides, all of which are used to produce the fruits and vegetables that we eat.

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Obesogens are making us fat.

What Can You Do About Obesogens?

Eliminating each and every one of these products from our lives is impossible because these toxins are present in just about everything.

To limit your exposure to obesogens, you can start by switching to organic foods instead of mass-produced items that are sprayed with pesticides.

And whenever possible, buy organic home cleaning and personal care products, too.

Research and increase your understanding of the presence and exposure to these chemicals to lower your risk of obesity and other diseases.

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What I Use To Detox Obesogens?

I’ve used a variety of products over the years to detox. The simplest one to use is PureBody Zeolite since it’s a simple spray you use several times a day.

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Bottom Line

Obesogens are toxins that can cause us to hold on to weight and eventually cause us to be unhealthy.

They are here to stay so we have to find ways to reduce them in our homes and bodies.

Little changes every day will go a long way in protecting yourself and your family.

Did you already know about Obesogens? If not, how will this information change the way you think about things?


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