What Is Kombucha And Why Is It Good For You

Kombucha, commonly known as mushroom tea, is a fermented tea created with a mixture of yeast and bacteria added in a solution of sugar, tea, and sometimes with flavorings like fruit juices.

Kombucha has a slightly sweet-tart and effervescence flavor and usually has tiny bacteria remnants floating about.

It contains antioxidants, vitamin B, and is highly acidic.

The calorie count per eight ounces is 30, which is drastically lower as compared to other drinks.

Kombucha is available in bottled form everywhere from supermarkets to health food stores and comes in many flavors.

To save money it can be easily brewed at home. Keep reading to the end for my resource on all things Kombucha.

4 Benefits of Kombucha

4 Benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha is often regarded as a magic elixir. Many believe it can cure any disease, from digestive problems to cancer and arthritis.

However, a few believe it to be a toxic alcoholic drink. The truth lies somewhere in between.

The claims of Kombucha being able to cure all diseases have never actually been proven.

However, studies have shown that this beverage has numerous health benefits because it is rich in probiotics which have been proven to enhance immunity and overall health.

Here are just 4 of the benefits of Kombucha:

1. It’s Detoxifying

Kombucha helps in detoxifying your body, which is one of its greatest benefits.

Detoxification results in healthy livers and helps in cancer prevention.

It is rich in numerous bacterial acids and enzymes our body produces and needs to detox the entire system.

This reduces the pancreatic load and eases the burden on our liver.

2. Helps Your Joints 

Since Kombucha includes glucosamines, it helps in preventing and treating joint problems.

Glucosamines enhance the production of synovial hyaluronic acid which physiologically functions in the body to help in preserving cartilage structure and preventing arthritic pain.

3. Aids Gut Health And Digestion

Since Kombucha is fermented naturally, it is a probiotic drink.

Kombucha provides the same probiotic benefits, including mood stability, mental clarity, preventing candida overgrowth, and improving digestion.

4. Boosts Immune System

Kombucha is anti-oxidant rich which means it helps in enhancing the energy levels and improving the immune system.

Kombucha can’t do miracles, but it does offer many health benefits.

It is prudent to include Kombucha in your diet, but ensure that it is properly prepared.

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Make Your Own Kombucha

Kombucha Kamp Genuine KOMBUCHA Starter KitKombucha Kamp Genuine KOMBUCHA Starter Kit

Two of my favorite places to learn more about making Kombucha is ohwecook.com and Kombuchakamp.com

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Now You Tell Me? Do you like Kombucha? 


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