Nutritional Cleansing

Dear friend,

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, and overweight?

Do you feel like nothing you’ve tried has worked?

Have you tried homemade detox drinks and juicing but you got tired of buying all the ingredients?

I understand. I’ve been there.

I used to mix my own juice concoction every morning.

Greens for Juicing

Ugg, it was such a pain to gather all the ingredients.

I don’t know about you but my mornings are rushed.

I’ve got things to do and juicing up veggies wasn’t my favorite thing to do at 7 am.

Don’t even get me started on the taste when I added too many greens.

I’ll save them for a yummy salad.

Why Detox Anyway?

When I learned about toxins in the environment and our food I was disgusted.

After I learned that these toxins can make us sick I got nervous.

I wasn’t thrilled when I learned that toxins can make us hold on to weight.

I learned thru research that our body can’t work efficiently if it is being filled with toxins daily and you aren’t nourishing it properly to help it.

We must do something to support it.

Should we cleanse

What I Found Out

I realize that eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables is key but I never can get a good routine down even though we do eat organic most of the time.

I’ve done many things to detox my home but we can’t avoid all toxins so it is a constant battle.

Plus, I still wanted to find a way to get the toxins out of my body.

I learned pretty fast that DYI detox recipes were not my answer so I needed to find something easy to use, fast, effective, and nourishing.

It took me months to figure it out and lots of wasted money on products that didn’t work. In my gut, I  knew there had to be something simple and safe.

During my search, I learned about intermittent fasting and started doing it daily.

Intermittent fasting can assist your body’s own detoxing system and is anti-aging. However, I didn’t feel like I was getting all the key nutrients I needed.

Finally, I found the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

Funny thing is, it was right under my nose for months and I didn’t realize it.

I had been so resistant to trying a new cleanse product that I didn’t even realize this company had a cleansing system until I had been using their protein supplement for 6 months!

I’ve used protein supplements for years just not meal replacement shakes and not part of a cleansing program!

I was even more excited to learn that it is backed by science and made with natural ingredients.

Isalean Protein Shakes

How Is This Cleanse Different From Other Systems?

The system is made up of 2 main components.

First, is a safe and effective nutritional cellular cleanse drink (not a colon cleanse) that helps the body remove impurities.

Yes, you could get many of these natural cleansing nutrients with a variety of supplements and food but remember I said, I didn’t have time to juice every day much less keep track if I’ve got everything accounted for.

The second component is a great tasting meal replacement protein shake called Isalean.  The shake alone contains over 90 natural minerals, vitamins, aminos, enzymes and fatty acids plus whey from grass fed whey cows in New Zealand.

The Isagenix system is the first to incorporate both intermittent fasting and nutritional cleansing together.

You’ve got Shake Days and Cleanse Days. Plus, you get to eat real food.

There are many cleanse systems that have 1 of the components but not both!

The great thing is that you aren’t left wondering what to do after your initial cleanse.

Most people continue to drink the shakes daily to replace a meal and they can use the cleanse product daily. We are exposed to toxins every day so why not cleanse daily.

Isagenix has a strict no compromise policy that ensures the customer is getting the highest quality products possible.  Plus, all the products in the cleanse system are GMO-Free and Gluten Free.

They even have a dairy-free version.

Buy the Isagenix 9 Day System


My Results

As I told you I got started with this system because I wanted to detox. I didn’t realize I would lose 5lbs in a week and have more energy than I’ve had in years.

I’ve had friends who have used the 30 Day system and lost 15lbs!

The testimonies are countless. You can read a few of my favorite here.

Of course, I’ve made a Pinterest Board, too!

Where Can You Order?

Fortunately, Isagenix offers wholesale memberships so you can get the products cheap and fast. Plus, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

You get the choice of a 9-day system or a 30-day system.

The 9-day system is great for a quick cleanse before a vacation, wedding,  or to get you past a plateau.

Most people get the 30 Day System because it contains 56 Meal replacement shakes and 3 extra support products.

Go directly to the Isagenix website to order your system or to learn more.

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