12 Helpful Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits

While there are many different oils to choose from, peppermint is one of my favorites. I always have some in my purse.

It's one of the top 2 essential oils used in the United States and there have been over 1,000 studies on Peppermint Oil uses and benefits.

Note: All information in this post is for educational purposes only. Do your own research and use oils wisely.

Peppermint Uses and Benefits.

Top Peppermint Essential Oil Uses

The therapeutic effects of peppermint essential oil have been well known since ancient times.

Even today peppermint oil is still recognized as one of the most valuable herbal remedies that people can use in treating different health problems.

Here are just some of the uses of peppermint oil:

1) Headache Relief

The cooling and soothing effect of peppermint essential oil has been proven effective for giving rapid relief from searing headaches and migraines.

It can be rubbed on the temples, sinuses, and forehead for quick relief.

This oil provides relief from vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to light or noise.

Learn more about essential oils for headaches here

2) Stomach Problems

Peppermint essential oil contains properties that help induce the expulsion of gas from the intestines and stomach.

This can be from a medical condition like IBS or acid reflux, or simple digestive problems from something you ate that didn’t agree with you.

This is what makes peppermint oil very helpful in treating stomach problems.

The oil relaxes the digestive muscles thereby improving their ability to function.

Learn more about essential oils for digestion issues here

Peppermint Oil for stomach aches

3) Respiratory Problems

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most commonly used active ingredients in many natural chest rubs.

It is known to be helpful for providing relief from sinusitis, nasal congestion, and bronchitis.

The menthol content of peppermint oil is helpful for clearing the respiratory tract.

It also has expectorant properties which make it very helpful for people affected with a cough (try the DIY cough syrup blend below) and cold.

I always have a diffuser going when the girls are sick.

That is one of our favorite diffusers (see it on Amazon here).

Grab one for yourself if you see it under $20.

My daughter loves to use Allergy Patches (we get them on Amazon) when she's congested.

DIY Homemade Cough Syrup

4) Stress and Anxiety Relief

The refreshing effects of peppermint oil have been very helpful in providing relief from stress and anxiety.

It is also known to work wonders for people experiencing mental exhaustion, restlessness, and depression.

For relief, apply a few drops of peppermint oil onto your temples before soaking yourself in a tub or in the shower.

Learn more about essential oils to use for stress and anxiety

Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits.

5) Enhance Mental Alertness

If you find yourself having trouble focusing on a demanding task, place this oil in a diffuser to help stimulate your brain's ability to focus while improving your mental agility.

This oil can also help raise your energy levels, especially during mid-afternoon when your mental alertness may start to decline.

The energizing scent of peppermint essential oil will help 'wake' you up and give you a feeling of alertness and mental clarity.

Essential oil diffuser blend with peppermint

You can also try combining other citrus or mint scents that also improve your focus and concentration, like lemon, grapefruit, or lemongrass.

Have you noticed how people will eat peppermints to help them stay awake and alert?

You can even mix a drop of peppermint oil in a glass of cold water to 'wake' you up which is very helpful if you are avoiding coffee.

Peppermint Oil Diffuser Blend

6) Treat Burns And Scrapes

Peppermint oil might sound too harsh for the skin, but the opposite is actually true.

It is often used in first aid kits for various types of skin issues.

If you burn your hand on the stove or a hot pan, apply some diluted peppermint oil with a carrier oil on the burn, and it will heal more quickly.

If you get a sunburn, peppermint has a really cooling sensation, similar to what you experience when you apply aloe vera to the skin.

Mix it with lavender oil to make a great After Sun Spray.

Simply Earth Essential Oils Subscription Box

Pin This After-Sun Spray For When You Need It Later

I made this image for easy pinning to Pinterest so you can find it when you need it.

I have an Essential Oils Board so follow me there, too.

Essential Oils are great for using on burns. Try this After Sun Spray

7) Muscle Pain Relief

If you have been dealing with a lot of muscle pain and tension, try some peppermint oil.

There are a few ways you can relieve muscle aches with this essential oil.

The first option, which might be the easiest, is to add a few drops to your bathwater.

On the days when the muscle tension is the worst, take a nice warm bath with the oils, and you should start experiencing relief.

Another option is to add drops to a spray bottle or bottle of lotion, and rub it or spray on your skin.

Rub it onto your joints if you have sore and tired muscles after a strenuous workout.

Pay close attention to the areas causing you the most pain.

Learn more about essential oils for pain here

Essential oils for pain using peppermint oil

8) Feel Full And Reduce Cravings

The aroma of peppermint oil has the ability to make you feel full, and faster…especially if you breathe it in before or during a meal.

Diffusing it may also help stop the urge to snack on junk food.

It's worth a try, for sure!

Learn more about essential oils for weight loss

9) Repel Pest

Spiders, ants, aphids, and other bugs hate peppermint oil.

You can make your own insect repellant with peppermint oil and water in a spray bottle or there are many natural sprays you can purchase online.

I would get this big jug peppermint of it for the yard since you could use a lot of it depending on how big your garden or yard is.

Did you know mice hate peppermint oil?

Instead of using dangerous traps or pellets, you can use a natural pest control spray like this one (get it here)to deter mice.

Try diffusing peppermint oil in your house to annoy bugs so they don't want to stick around.

Click here are DIY Bug Repellent Recipes to use instead of DEET

Essential oils with peppermint for repelling bugs

10) Freshen Breath

I use a drop of peppermint oil to freshen my breath.

I don't like to chew gum and I typically don't like mints so a little peppermint oil works just great.

Use essential oils internally at your own risk and make sure you trust the source of your oil and use it sparingly.

11) Relieve Car Sickness

You can use peppermint oil if you are experiencing nausea from motion sickness.

One of my daughters gets car sick easily and when takes a few whiffs of peppermint she usually feels better.

I keep small a bottle (like this one)filled with peppermint oil in my purse just for her.

Peppermint Oil can also be mixed with other oils in an inhaler.

You can easily find the small bottles and blank inhalers on Amazon (like in this kit)

This combo works great for people who need a little more than just peppermint.

Learn more about essential oils for car sickness here

Essentials oils work great for car sickness. Peppermint can be used alone or with other oils like in this inhaler.

12) Prevent Hair Loss

Peppermint is a powerful antimicrobial and can help balance the PH levels of the scalp and help to increase blood flow.

According to recent research, peppermint essential oil may even help promote hair regrowth.

My favorite hair care line, Monat, includes peppermint essential oils in some of their products.

You can smell and fill the tingle of peppermint in it.

We love the way our hair looks and my husband thinks it helps reduce hair loss. (big win)

You can learn more about Monat from my friend Daneen here.

Diffuser Blend using Lemon and Peppermint.

Where To Get Your Peppermint Essential Oil

If you are new to buying essential oils make sure you purchase quality, pure oils.

You don’t want an oil that is mixed with other ingredients or oil that is called a fragrance oil – that is not pure essential oil.

I get my oils from a few different companies and depending on what I'm using the oil for will determine where I buy it.

Here are some examples of uses and what oil I select:

Garden Uses - this brand on Amazon.

Breath Freshener -Isagenix Essence (this oil can be used for all your needs but specifically if you plan to ingest it)

Sore Throat SprayIsagenix Essence

Diffusing, cleaning, or on your skin -Simply Earth

I am an affiliate for Isagenix and Simply Earth so if you purchase from those links I will make a commission but it will not change the price for you.

Note: Do not ingest essential oils unless you know specifically they are food grade. Consult your health care professional if you have any questions.

What Do You Think?

Peppermint oil has some truly therapeutic properties to go with its beautifully refreshing smell. After learning the benefits of peppermint oil will you get some or do you already use it?

Leave me a comment and let me know.

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