Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or Isagenix? You decide what is the best value for your health.

*This post was written in Jan. 2015. Some of the numbers may be off by the time you read it but you will get the general comparison. It’s also not my best-written post but I’m leaving it with a few minor adjustments because of the popularity of the post.

Go here if you’re looking for the Isagenix cost breakdown.

I read an article in Business Week (Dec. 21, pg 72) about Weight Watchers and the changes they made to their program.

Weight Watchers is the most popular weight loss program on the market and with 69% of the people in America being overweight they had to shift their marketing to fit the marketplace.

I’ve never looked at the Weight Watchers program in detail until now and I didn’t realize it was so expensive.

According to the article, the average Weight Watchers customer spends $377 a year with the average weight loss of 5lbs.

That’s $75 per pound!!!!

Jenny Craig is the next most popular program. It costs $2500 a year with the average weight loss of 16lbs.

That’s $156 per pound. Yes, you read that right. $156 per pound.

Isagenix or Weight Watchers

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How Does Isagenix Compare To Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig?

I understand that people usually go with what they know and will spend money on a product that they think has helped people just like them.

Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig spend a ton of money on advertising and true, most people know about it.

However, let’s compare those programs to Isagenix which will be a billion-dollar company this year.

The company has been around for 14 years so it is not new to the industry and their marketing is done by word of mouth.

People use the products, get results, and tell their friends. 84% of the people using Isagenix never sell it. They just use it.

Isagenix has a very low marketing budget compared to Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.

The Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse Program

The 9 Day System was their first weight loss program so let’s use it for an example for price comparison.

The 9 Day Cleanse cost $148 and the average person loses about 7lbs.

That’s $21 per pound. Hum, do you see where I am going with this?

9 days on a program that provides 2 meals a day plus a cleanse product that will rid your body of toxins!

This program is great for women and men alike does not involve weigh-ins or measuring food.

Most people don’t even exercise during the 9 days while they detox and fuel their bodies with nutrients.


How Do Weight Watchers and Isagenix Compare

Want Better Results?

Isagenix also has a 30 Day Fat Burning System. It includes the 9 Day Cleanse plus additional meals and support products.

The 30 Day System is $250. Even if you lost the 7 lbs in the first 9 days that’s $38 per pound but what if you lost more?

With Isagenix you actually cleanse your body of toxins.  We are only talking 30 days not a whole year to wait for results!

Also, I should tell you that Isagenix offers a money-back guarantee plus they pay you for referrals!

Isagenix clinical studies show that people will lose visceral fat and the diet is even healthier than the Heart Healthy Diet recommended by doctors.

Don’t know what visceral fat is?

That’s the fat around your stomach that is the most problematic for most people to get rid of and is the most dangerous for us to carry around.

Weekly Cost Breakdown Of Isagenix Compared To Other Programs

Look at how the weekly cost of the Isagenix 30 Day Fat Burning Systemstacks up to some other popular weight loss programs including Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.


(please note:  The above reflects the prices in December 2014. As of January 2016 the price of the 30 Day Superfood Fat Burning System has gone up to $272 which equals to $68 per week)

Bottom Line

Isagenix costs less and takes less time to lose the weight. You get superfood organic meal replacement shakes that taste great plus several support products.

The great thing I like about Isagenix is that there is very little meal planning. You get easy to read instructions and access to a support person if you want one.

Did I mention that you can get paid for your referrals? You can share it with your friends or refer them to me.

Either way, you can earn $25 for everyone who tries the 30 Day System. (ask me for details)

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