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6 Essential Oil DIY Gift Mistakes You Can Avoid Plus Gift Ideas

To save you some grief during the holiday season I jotted down a few things to consider before you start making Christmas gifts with essential oils.  I've made plenty of these mistakes and learned from others that these are pretty [...]

25 Amazing Essential Oil Holiday Diffuser Blends

I love experimenting with different essential oil blends, especially during the winter holidays and since we don't have a real Christmas tree diffusing a "Christmas tree blend" brings in a nice smell without all the messy pine needles! The holiday-inspired [...]

Collagen Hot Chocolate: New From Isagenix

Indulging in a warm, comforting cup of hot chocolate is a beloved ritual for many during the colder months. But what if we told you that you could elevate this cozy tradition to a whole new level of wellness and [...]

How Your Environment Affects Your Mental Health

In a world where the pace of life can be relentless, our homes serve as our sanctuaries. When our lives become hectic–whether with family, work, or school–our homes are our refuge and a space where we are in control of [...]

Over 20 DIY Essential Oil Skincare Recipes

You can use essential oils for a variety of issues and one of my favorite ways is for my skincare. It only takes a quick search on Pinterest to find a ton of DIY skincare recipes mixing essential oils for [...]

Over 21 Easy Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes That Will Make You A Pro With Your Oils

If you are new to essential oils or have been using them for a while you'll discover roller blends are so useful! Essential oil roller bottle blends allow you to have just the right mix of oils ready for use [...]

Castor Oil In Your Belly Button: Does It Do Anything?

I've been hearing about castor oil for several months now on Tiktok and Instagram. Fast forward to last week when I heard you could get benefits from putting castor oil in your belly button! Now that got my attention! Below, [...]

Essential Oil Blends For Sleep

Essential oils have long been cherished for their therapeutic properties, and many of them possess the power to soothe your mind, calm your senses, and ease you into a restful night's sleep. One of the first ways I used essential [...]