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75 Day Medium Challenge with Free Printable

The 75 Medium Challenge is a wellness and self-improvement program that offers a more flexible approach compared to the more intense 75 Hard Challenge created by Andy Frisella. It is designed to promote better habits in exercise, healthy eating, and [...]

19 Health Benefits Of Grapefruit Seed Extract

Usually, grapefruit brings to mind a big juicy fruit eaten for breakfast but did you know that the seeds of that fruit have many healing uses? I recently read about a nose spray containing grapefruit seed extract that could help [...]

11 Sports That Will Help You Burn Fat

Whether you absolutely loved playing sports in high school and were the king or queen of the jocks or would use any opportunity to avoid PE, there’s no denying that physical exercise is the best way to burn fat and [...]

31 Fitness Hacks You Need To Know

These hacks won't be a surprise to you but they might get you motivated and get you going again. Don't let yourself get sedentary and find yourself out of shape or worse, unhealthy. Start slow. Take it one day at [...]

Best Essential Oils To Take With You When You Travel

If you’re planning a trip anytime soon, don’t forget to take your essential oils with you on the road, air, or sea!  You use them at home so you might as well take them with you when you travel. Here [...]

5 Best Essential Oils For Stress And Anxiety (and how to use them)

Sometimes our lives can feel like they are running away from us causing us to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and unable to focus. It could be a family crisis or the holidays with all the activities, parties, shopping, and family [...]

5 Top Toxins to Avoid

We live in a sea of chemicals and while that could have been literal had we lived underwater, it is still quite true. From the beauty products and home cleaning products that we use, the foods we consume, and the [...]

9 Easy Hacks To Reduce Toxins In Your Home

Did you know that some common household items that most of us use every day can contain very dangerous chemicals and toxins? The thing is, just because these chemicals are legally allowed doesn't mean we want to be exposed to [...]