Best Nail Polish Remover For Color Street Nail Polish

There are several different polish removers you can use with your Color Street nail polish.

Since Color Street is 100% nail polish and the fastest way to remove the polish is with an acetone nail polish remover; however, if you use it on a regular basis it will make your nails weak and brittle.

Here you will learn some of the best acetone removers and non-acetone removers to buy.

Plus, a DIY remover to try when you don’t have a remover 

Best Nail Polish Removers For Color Street

Top 8 Nail Polish Remover Test

This video by Debbie Langolf demonstrates 8 different polish removers and how they work to take off Color Street nails.

These polish removers contain acetone so they are best to use when you are in a hurry but not on a regular basis.

She noted in the comments that no research was done on the long-term effects of these removers on your nails.

  1. Walgreens Signature Care Nail Polish Remover
  2. Target Acetone Nail Polish Remover Dip It
  3. Walmart Equate Nail Polish Remover 
  4. L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover
  5. Onyx Remover
  6. Cutex Care Ultra Powerful Polish Remover
  7. Mineral Fusion
  8. Studio 35 Beauty Nail Polish Remover

Best Polish Removers For Color Street Nail Polish

Can You Use Non-Acetone To Remove Color Street Nails?

It will take you longer to remove your nail polish but non-acetone remover is easier on your nails and won’t dry them out.

Use Nail Clips To Help The Polish Remover Work Faster

The fastest way to remove nail polish is to use nail clips to hold the cotton balls onto your fingers to let the polish remover sink in and work.

I bought nail tip clips for my daughter when she does her own tips and they work great for holding the cotton bad.

These types of clips are made specifically to fit the nails.

You could even use clothes pins if that’s what you have on hand.

Best Polish Removers

Pure Body Nail Polish Remover

In this video, Melissa demonstrates removing nail polish with Pure Body Nail Polish Remover (which is no longer available on Amazon).

What I like about the nail polish remover is that it has a dropper instead of having to pour out the remover onto the nail or cotton pad.

Karma Organic nail polish remover is very similar to the brand she uses here.

Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover 

Before I purchased the Color Street nail polish remover Karma Organic was my favorite polish remover.

It takes a little work to get the polish off but it saved my nails from becoming weak and brittle.

Best Polish Remover Clips For Color Street

In this video QD Nails uses both the Color Street Remover and Mineral Fusion to see which one works better.

She uses these clips with cotton balls to make removing the nail polish.

DIY Nail Polish Remover 

This nail polish remover may take some time to get all the Color Street polish off but it would be one way to remove your polish when you don’t have remover at home.


1. Soak nails for 10-15 minutes
2. Mix equal parts lemon juice & vinegar
3. Soak cotton balls or pads in lemon juice/vinegar mixture
4. Rub cotton balls or pads on nails

Kristin demonstrates how you can renew and revive leftover nail strips.

Bottom Line

There isn’t a nail polish remover that is the absolute best to take off your Color Street nails.

Use the remover you have on hand then try out a few of these methods for removing Color Street nails in my other post.

If you want to use a less toxic remover then choose one without acetone like Mineral Fusion or the Color Street Polish Remover.

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