Color Street Nail Polish

Until recently I hadn’t painted my fingernails in years. I could never master painting them or I would smudge them before they dried.

I’ve gone to a salon a few times but I really hate spending the money.  It’s just not my way to relax, either.

Color Street Nails look like real nailpolish because it is.

What About You?

Do you hate having to wait for your nails to dry? Have you painted them at night only to wake up with smudged nails?

Does painting your daughter’s nails cause tears (yours or theirs)?

Do you loathe paying $25-$75 to get your nails done?

Do you keep hearing you should find a less toxic nail polish but finding a safe brand in the color you like is getting frustrating?

Color Street Nail Polish To The Rescue

Let me introduce you to a new nail polish I discovered by accident.

You see, a blogger I had been following for years introduced Color Street to her tribe and I decided to check them out.

Seriously, could I get beautiful nails without all that hassle, mess, money, and stress?

Color Street Nails are so easy to apply. Your friends will want more.

After a few hours of research and speaking with Jill on the phone I learned this new fancy nail polish was what I’d been looking for.

This Is What I Discovered About Color Street Nails:

  • Color Street is a base, color, and top coat of high-quality liquid nail polish that comes in a strip.
  • These strips are 100% real nail polish, not vinyl or stickers — they are flexible and can be gently stretched for a perfect fit no matter your nail bed size (use them for a manicure or pedicure).
  • With Color Street you will get brilliant salon-quality manicures and pedicures in just a few minutes, with ZERO drying time, NO smudges, and NO streaks.
  • The colors are vibrant, the finishes glossy, and they easily adhere to the nail instantly.
  • These stunning nail polish strips keep their good looks up to 14 days, and they’re easy to remove with your favorite nail polish remover.
  • Color Street nail polish strips are free of the toxic ingredients found in most traditional nail polishes such as Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate,  Xylene, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Parabens, and Formaldehyde resin.
  • You can use them on acrylics! These Color Street Nail Color strips extend the time between visits.

Color Street Nails Are Easy To Apply

Here are my daughters showing their aunt how to apply the nails. We were at Chicfila!

Color Street Nails are easy to apply. My daughters have no problem applying them to their friends or themselves.

They learned how to apply the nails by watching this short video below. It’s kinda crazy how easy they are to apply.

Now, I don’t have to worry about the girls spilling polish on the floor or asking to paint their nails every other day.

The nails are 95% dry when you get them so there is no mess to make when applying them.

Finally, I’m sporting some fun fresh nails that I didn’t have to wait to dry and I didn’t spend a fortune on!

My Friends Love Color Street

This text message below is from my friend after she put on a Color Street sample nail over her acrylic nail. You can see how Color Street would even extend your time between salon visits!

My friend texted me after using Color Street Nails. Her nails look great. Use them over acrylics.

Color Street Nails Are Easy To Remove

Color Street Nails are made from real nail polish and are easy to remove with your favorite nail polish remover.

I’ve found non-acetone remover works fine but regular acetone would work even faster.

Color Street Nails are easy to apply. Less toxic then regular nail polish and so fun!

Get Beautiful Nails Without Stress or The Mess!

I signed up to be a “Nail Stylist” so I could share Color Street with you. Anyone can go to the Color Street website but unless you know a stylist you can’t see the colors or order them.

It’s kinda funny that I’m a “Nail Stylist” considering last month I couldn’t even paint my own nails properly.

Learn More And Order Your Nails Here

Want A Free Color Street Sample?

I would love to send you a free sample of the Color Street Nails.

Send me an email to with your name, address, and phone number.

Want To Start A Business, Make Extra Money, Or Monetize Your Blog?

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Don’t have a blog? No worries, you can earn extra money without a blog by sharing your Color Street replicated website.

Already have a business? No worries about that either, Color Street doesn’t have to interfere. In fact, they can easily be an add-on to any business you have.

If you’re in a Network Marketing company then you should keep your focus on your business BUT you will definitely want me to teach you how to use Color Street Nails to make more local contacts.

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Life’s Too Short To Wait For Your Nails To Dry!