How To Remove Color Street Nails

Looking for the best way to take off your Color Street nails?

I had a hard time removing my Color Street nail polish when I first started using them, too.

In this post, I’ll list tips, removal hacks, and videos to help you take off your Color Street nails without ruining your nails.

How to take off Color Street nail polish

Top Tips For Removing Color Street Nails Without Ruining Your Nails

  1. Do not peel or scrape off the polish.
  2. Use non-acetone polish remover whenever possible so you don’t damage your nails.
  3. Use one of the methods below to remove the polish.
  4. Wash hands and nails after you remove the polish.
  5. Apply cuticle oil and lotion to hands.
  6. Let your nails have a break for a few days before applying a new color.
  7. Use a glass file to shape your nails as they are less likely to damage your nails.

Best Polish remover for color street nails

3 Ways To Remove Color Street Nail Polish With Color Street Remover

Julie Cruz demonstrates her top ways to remove her nail polish using the Color Street Remover.

  1. Using a polish remover jar
  2. Using lint-free wipes
  3. Using a plastic baggy

How To Remove Color Street Nail Polish Using A Plastic Baggy

This way to remove color street is really simple by using Mineral Fusion remover.

If you don’t have Mineral Fusion use the polish remover you have on hand to see if it works.

If the polish you have doesn’t work like demonstrated in this video then try one of the other methods below.

You might also want to buy one of these nail soaking bowls to make it more efficient.

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Tin Foil Method To Remover Color Street Nails

Melissa Haole demonstrates a way to remove your Color Street nails using remover and tin foil.

Color Street Remover Hack With Rice

Stephanie Mowles demonstrates in this video her removal hack.

You’ll need:

Removing Color Street Nails From Gel Manicure

If you have gel nails you do need to be careful so you don’t ruin the gel manicure when you are taking off the polish.

In this video, Tara Stoddard uses Onyx nail remover instead of the Mineral Fusion she typically uses.

Do Color Street Nails Peel Off?

Color Street nail polish is not a sticker or vinyl so they are not meant to peel off.

If you peel or scrap your Color Street nail polish off you will damage your nails.

How to take off color street nail polish

Can Color Street Damage Your Nails?

Color Street won’t damage your nails but if you don’t remove them properly you can damage the layers of nails which will make them weak and brittle.

When possible non-acetone polish remover but if you don’t have it then use what you have.

Bottom Line

There are many different ways to take off your Color Street nail polish.

Use the nail polish remover you have on hand and see how it works first, then try another brand if you need to.

The only wrong way to remove your Color Street is to pick or peel it off.😉

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