Simply Earth Essential Oils February Review

As always we were excited to get our Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Subscription Box.

February is wellness month at Simply Earth and they sent a great selection of oils and recipes to help boost the immune system.

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Stacy, Sydney and Sadie Russell with their Simply Earth Subscription Box

I typically ramp up all our immune-boosting remedies in the winter and this year we’ve been extra diligent.

We got the flu back at Thanksgiving but from what I’ve heard you can get it again. Yikes.

So now, I’ve got some new essential oil ammunition to ward off sickness, muscle soreness, congestion!

Plus, a recipe to help remove warts!?

What’s In The Essential Oils Subscription Box?

This essential oil recipe box contained 2 oils I already use and 2 others I haven’t tried.

That’s why I like these boxes because you get to replenish your stock plus try out new oils without breaking the bank.

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Simply Earth Essential Oils in the February Subscription Box. Oregano, Lemon, Raven and Defender Blend

These 4 oils have amazing immune-boosting potential.

  • Ravensara Essential Oil – a kid-friendly oil great for clearing out sinuses. It’s mild and sweet-smelling to me.
  • Oregano Essential Oil -smells strong and has a powerful punch for cleaning and disinfecting germs.
  • Lemon Essential Oil -uplifting and smells great.
  • Defender Essential Oil Blend – combines clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and cinnamon to ward of illness.

Plus, these supplies came in the box:

Simply Earth Subscription Box comes with roller bottles, recipes, stickers, blank inhallers

  • 2 Inhaler Bottles
  • 3 Roller Bottles
  • Menthol Crystals
  • 4 oz bottle Coconut Oil
  • 6 Recipes (Germ Cleaner, Shower Pick Me Up, Sore Muscle Roll-On, Vapor Chest Roll-On, Breath Inhaler, and Wart Be Gone Roll-On)

Plus, cute stickers for your bottles so you don’t mix up your potions. ☺

Simply Earth Essential Oils For Warts?

It is amazing how essential oils can help with so many things. I wouldn’t have believed they could help remove warts if my friend hadn’t told me they worked for her.

Simply add this combo of oils to a roller bottle and apply daily, cover with a band-aid.

  • 14 Drops Oregano Essential Oil
  • 6 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

Diffuser and Diffuser Necklace with lemon, defender and raven essential oils.

Diffuse These Essential Oils

I wouldn’t put Oregano in a diffuser but all the others smell wonderful any time of day.

My favorite diffuser is this one and I got this one for my sister recently. Both are inexpensive. I’ve had mine over a  year and it keeps on diffusing.

Simply Earth also has a diffuser. Purchase it the same time you get your box to save you time.

My sister got me that cute diffuser necklace (pictured above) for my birthday. My 10 year old loves to wear it.

Boost Your Immune System With These Essential Oils

Last month I flew to Florida with some friends. We all know that flying can expose you to all sorts of germs.

Well, I was breathing in my essential oils and rubbing them all over me…plus mega-dosing my IsaImmune Spray.

Defender Essential Oil Blend will be in my purse for sure!

Why I Keep Using Simply Earth Oils

I use several brands of essential oils depending on my needs.

Simply Earth has pure and toxic-free oils for affordable prices.

I love getting the recipe box because each month I learn of new ways to use oils to reduce the toxins in my home and what I use on my body.

I feel like these oils are also helping me teach my daughters ways to reduce toxins in their bodies so they may not struggle with the health issues so many people deal with due to toxins.

Get Your Essential Oils Subscription Box

We can’t control all the toxins in the world but we can control a lot of what comes into our home and on our body. Using essential oils will help with that.

If you are new to oils then Simply Earth is a great company to start with because you really don’t have to do any prep or thinking about how to use them.

To help you get started, use this discount code provided by Simply Earth.

Go to Simply to place your order.

Use my code STACYRUSSELLFREE to get a $40 gift card emailed to you after subscribing to your first box (SUBSCRIPTION CAN BE CANCELLED ANYTIME) or get a free oil worth $10 or below.

Be sure to get on the Simply Earth mailing list to get notified of their specials because they don’t always post them on their website.

Do you plan to try Simply Earth Essential Oils?

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