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Essential oil blends for your diffuser jewely

I’ve been into oils for a few years but it wasn’t until recently that I started wearing them in a diffuser bracelet or necklace.

I received my first diffuser necklace as a birthday present from my sister. She gave me one similar to this one on Amazon. My 10 year old snagged it right up and now wears it!

Fast forward a few months and I was gifted this essential oils bracelet from Essential Charms.

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The thing I love about this bracelet is the quality of lava stones and the semi-precious Jasper stones in the bracelet. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

There are no charms hanging from it so it doesn’t get snagged on anything and the neutral color matches with most of my outfits.

Essential Charms uses handmade premium stones and every bead is unique. Aqua Terra Jasper stones are known for their calming effect which is what this homeschooling mama needs every day!

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Essential Oil Jewelry is a fun and easy way to personalize essential oils for your own needs.

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Why Use Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

Inhalation is one of the most common ways to use essential oils.  As we breathe in the essential oils on the jewelry, their molecules enter our lungs to promote mental and physical well-being.

Essential oil diffuser jewelry is not only fashionable, but it allows for a non-obtrusive way to enjoy your oils without affecting anyone else.

Plus, you can have the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils all day long even when you are away from home.

Simply take a few sniffs and the smell will affect your brain in seconds.

Since you don’t need many drops it allows you to stretch out the lifespan of your oils.

How Much Oil Should You Use With Your Oil Diffuser Jewelry

Each type of diffuser jewelry is different depending on the style you select and what absorbent material is used.

Typically it will be lava rock, leather, clay, or felt.

The material will soak up the oil and hold the scent until it evaporates.

Add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil and it will last 2-3 days.  Obviously, stronger oils will last longer than others.


Lemon Essential Oil is great for energy

Customize Oils For Your Diffuser Jewelry

The essential oils you use in your diffuser or on your diffuser jewelry will depend on your mood or goal.

Do you need to be energized? Do you need to brighten your mood? Do you need to reduce stress?  Are you fighting a cold or want to ward off sickness?

You just have to try different essential oils to see which ones appeal to you. What works for one person may not work for you.

Try Some Of These Oils

Peppermint: Promotes alertness and mental clarity

Lemon: Energizing

Lavender: To help you relax

Rosemary: Improve your memory

Ginger: Helps you to respond to stress

Frankincense: Mood Lifter

Bergamot: Calm your nerves


These are great essential oils blends for your diffuser jewelry

Blends For Your Diffuser Jewelry

Fight Fatigue: 1 Drop Grapefruit, 1 Drop Rosemary, 1 Drop Peppermint

Mood Boost: 1 Drop Lemon, 1 Drop Bergamot, 1 Drop Lime

Reduce Stress: 2 Drop Ginger and 2 Drops Cinnamon

Worry Reducer: 2 Drops Orange and 2 Drops Frankincense

Respiratory Blend: 2 Drops Spearmint and 2 Drops Eucalyptus

Focus Blend: 1 Drop Vetiver, 1 Drop Cedarwood, 1 Drop Lavender

Mix up a master blend bottle containing 2 single oils along with 1 synergy blend.

Meet Your New Essential Oil Brand

Did you know that you don’t have to pay high prices to get quality oils?  I’ve been using Simply Earth Essential Oils for about 6 months and absolutely love their quality and prices.

I love their oil blends that make it simple to try new oil combinations.

Read my first Simply Earth review here.

Simply Earth Blends For Your Diffuser Jewelry

Curb Hunger – Curb your hunger with Grapefruit, Spearmint, and Lavender (get my Free EbookPowerful Essential Oils For Weight Loss)

Love – Increase romantic feelings with Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, and Amyris

Energy Boost – Use this blend when you feel your energy drop. Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint smell so good!

Immune Defender – Boost your immunity with Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Clove.

Peace and Quiet – Perfect for bringing a sense of peace and calm to your day. This synergy of Lime, Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Sweet Orange is uplifting while also relaxing.

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Tell me what essential oils or jewelry you’ll be purchasing next.

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