How To Change Or Cancel Isagenix Autoship/Lifestyle Rewards

Note: Lifestyle Rewards was previously called autoship. 

Lifestyle Rewards/Autoship Is Not Required

Autoship is not required to open an Isagenix account; however, the Isagenix Lifestyle Rewards pricing is the best way for you to receive maximum savings on all of Isagenix paks and systems.

It also guarantees that you’ll never run out of your favorite products.

Note: If you are an associate wishing to earn an income from Isagenix please review the Isagenix Compensation Plan before making changes or canceling your membership.

How Do You Change Your Lifestyle Rewards/Autoship?

To change your Autoship, log in to your Back Office and select the orange “Manage Autoship” button on the home page.

When changing the products, you always need to have at least one item in the shopping cart.

I recommend adding the products you would like to receive first and then removing the items you no longer want to be shipped.

You can also move your Autoship out up to 30 days from the current date.

Once you’ve made your changes, be sure to select the “Confirm Autoship” button at the bottom of the page to save your new Autoship setup.

Cancel Isagenix Autoship

How Do You Cancel Your Isagenix Autoship?

You can cancel your Lifestyle Rewards/Autoship at any time in 1 of 3 ways.

  1. Sign in to your Isagenix account and look for the LIVE CHAT. Once you get a representative request to cancel, change or modify your order.
  2. Call the Customer Care Team at (877) 877-8111
  3. Email

When you contact Isagenix please include your account number, phone number, and full name.

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