Isagenix Customer First


If you’re investigating Isagenix or you’re a new member you may be wondering about the terminology used in Isagenix.

No worries, I will explain it here.

The main thing to know is that everyone orders their products as a customer first.

There is no obligation to do anything else.

In fact, understand if you order from me I will never try to convince you to do the business, post on social media, or bug you for referrals.

My goal is to help you get results and be a happy customer.

If you decide to refer your friends or make this a business I can help you maximize the compensation

Most of my customers come to me because they’ve used Isagenix before or they’ve seen the talk on social media.

I treat you with extreme appreciation and will respect the level of contact and help you want from me.

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Let’s dive into some of the terminology and the customer first program.

Isagenix Customer First


• To help Associates attract and retain more customers and serve them better
• To simplify the ordering and enrollment processes for everyone
• To expand and protect the opportunity with no-compromise, responsible business practices Members join Isagenix as a Customer first
• Customers can choose to become an Associate at anytime
• Easier and more mobile-friendly enrollment and ordering process
• No annual fee option for those wishing to simply try the products
• Additional advancement options
• Enhanced Autoship Rewards program
• New Product Introduction Reward coupons for Customers

Whether you’re a customer or associate, customer first will benefit you!

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Retail Customers continue to purchase Isagenix products at retail pricing.

These Customers are not eligible for Autoship and do not have an Isagenix membership or a position in the Isagenix genealogy tree.


An Isagenix Customer or Preferred Customer is someone who wants to enjoy the benefits of Isagenix products at a discount by establishing an Isagenix account.

Customers and Preferred Customers may not resell products or participate in the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan but do have a position in the Isagenix genealogy tree in order to track their orders, for calculating commissions.

Customers and Preferred Customers are also referred to as Isagenix Members.

Benefits To The Customer

• Members join Isagenix as a Customer first
• Customers receive a unique Isagenix account login
• No minimum purchases required other than placing an initial order
• Eligible for Product Introduction Rewards (PIR) coupons for sharing Isagenix
• Eligible to accumulate GV on the entire organization for their first 90 days and PV for their first 180 days as an encouragement to become an Associate to build an Isagenix business‡
• No Social Security Number or other tax ID required
• Customer accounts that do not have a product order for 12 consecutive months will be closed

Product Introduction Rewards

Customers and Preferred Customers are eligible to earn a Product Introduction Reward coupon for referring a personally enrolled customer who orders a qualifying system on their first order.

Product Introduction Rewards are coupons redeemable within one year on Isagenix products.

The enrolling sponsor receives the full Business Volume for orders placed using Product Introduction Reward coupons.

Customers can earn Double Product Introduction Rewards for sharing two or more qualifying systems in the same commission week.

* In order to earn commissions and bonuses in the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan, Customers must convert their accounts to Associate status.

Isagenix 9 Day System


Isagenix Associates who open an account enjoy the advantages of being an Isagenix Customer but also have access to earn commissions and bonuses through the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan.

To become an Associate, Customers simply sign on to their customer account, indicate their interest in becoming an Associate, and follow the steps provided.

It’s that simple!

Benefits Of Being An Associate

• Wholesale pricing
• Receive a free personal Isagenix website
• Ability to build an Isagenix business and accumulate business volume to earn commissions and bonuses
• Rank advancements and Crystal Rank Advancements begin when you become an Associate
• Access to Associate related promotions, training, and support materials


A Consultant is the first leadership level in the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan.

Benefits of Being A Consultant

• Accumulate business volume within your team regardless of depth
• Eligible for team bonuses/cycles
• May earn Consultant rank advancement bonus
• All personally enrolled Customers and Associates purchases count toward your Consultant status

How To Become A Consultant

The way to become a Consultant is to accumulate at least 100 PV* and generate a minimum of 100 BV in total combined sales to any number of personally enrolled customers and Associates
from each team (left and right) with at least 300 BV total in the prior 30 days.

For Example:

Let’s say in the prior 30 days you personally ordered 100 PV (personal volume).
Two personally enrolled Customers on your right team each ordered 50 BV and one personally enrolled Customer on your left team ordered 100 BV.
This would total 100 BV on your right team and 100 BV on your left team.

Add these to the 100 PV from your personal order for a total of 300 BV and you are qualified as a Paid-As Consultant.


If you are ready to buy your products click on the buy button. It will take you to the Isagenix website to process your order.

If you have any issues at all please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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If you have more questions reach out to me either by email at stacy@alesstoxiclife or text 214-533-0328.

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