Why Isagenix

People ask us WHY Isagenix. What is it about Isagenix that made us drop all the other supplements we were using and switch?

What about these products makes us want to tell everyone about them and even risk our reputation?


Admittedly when we heard about Isagenix we were hesitant. We’ve used many different supplement brands and whey protein. We even represented another company several years ago.

We’ve had a certain brand of whey that we had been using for over a year and were happy with it. Initially, we really didn’t see the need to switch much less represent another company.


So, we did what we always do.  Stacy started investigating the ingredients and sources. Actually, it was easy to do because Isagenix has so many reports, studies and ingredient lists that deciding to switch our whey supplement was easy and their skin care line is toxic free.

We switched to Isa Pro and Stacy started using the Rejuvinty Skin Care line. We started giving the girls the Isagenix vitamins and fish oil. We didn’t think we needed to cleanse or dig much deeper because we were eating clean. (we found out later we were wrong)


In January 2014 we dropped our whey protein breakfast concoction (made with IsaPro and several other ingredients we thought made the perfect shake)  and started using the Isalean Shakes. Stacy, lost 5lbs the first week and Dave saw immediate results in recovery and over time has seen significant muscle growth and is much leaner.


Shortly after Stacy started incorporating intermittent fasting with good results and started looking at other Isagenix products that would compliment IF. Well, wouldn’t you know since Isagenix keeps up with cutting edge science some their products are actually designed to support and nourish your body while fasting.

The question was no longer WHY Isagenix, but WHY NOT incorporate the whole superfood cleansing system into our supplement routine.

To do your own research about Isagenix quality assurance read more here.

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