Best Color Street Graphics For Your Business

Using graphics for your Color Street business is a must if you plan to market on social media.

Use some of these graphics below in your Facebook groups or on Instagram to promote sales and specials.

Color Street Graphics To Use For Your Facebook party

Special Note To Color Street Distributors

You can use the graphics on this page just double-check they do not have watermarks from another stylist.

I’ve made every attempt to post only graphics that are compliant, for public use, and do not have watermarks but if you see otherwise, let me know.

If you need to buy Color Street nails buy them from my friend MJ Troche.

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Color Street Graphics

Color Street Graphic Tips

  1. Make sure you study the Color Street Compliance rules for using graphics
  2. Learn to make your own graphics in Canva to avoid issues
  3. Only post graphics made by others if they do not have watermarks and don’t add anything to the graphic
  4. Get permission from the person who made the graphic if you want to change it
  5. Talk to your sponsor about what graphics you should use
  6. Use the graphics on this page to get ideas so you can eventually make your own
  7. Only use the color street logo with approved fonts and colors as found under compliance on the Color Street website
  8. Use the nail graphics you get access to during a launch to make new graphics of your own
  9. Learn how to use Chat GPT or another AI tool to create new headlines and content

Color Street Graphics

Learn How To Use Faceless Digital Marketing

Color Street nail designs work perfectly on Faceless Instagram accounts. 

You can use what you learn in this free guide to make even more money in your Color Street business.


Make Your Own Color Street Graphics Using Canva

If you plan to build Color Street as a business then you really should learn to make your own graphics so they are unique to you.

You can add your name or URL to your own images using a program such as Canva.

There are several different programs you can use to make graphics so use the one you are familiar with or learn how to make them on Canva by watching the video below.

It will take some practice.

Important: Don’t add watermarks/urls/your name to graphics you find on the internet or social media unless you have permission from the image owner.

Give Out Color Street Samples

Color Street Samples

How To Remove Color Street Nails Quickly

Other than application this is the 2nd most asked question about Color Street nails.

The best way to remove Color Street nail polish is with the Color Street polish remover since it was specifically developed to remove them.

This is how to remove color street nail polish:

  1. Added polish remover to a cotton ball
  2. Secured the cotton ball onto your nail with one of these types of clips 
  3. Let it sit for a few minutes
  4. Gently rubbed off the polish

Never scrape or pick off your nail polish otherwise you will damage your nails.

How to remove color street nail polish so they don't ruin your nails

Color Street Ruined Your Nails?

If your nails got ruined by Color Street I’m sorry.

My daughters totally ruined their nails by picking off the polish the day after they put the nails on.

I’ve heard other stories of how the polish strips made nails weak.

My main advice is to remove your nail polish properly and do not pick off nail polish.

Also, make sure your nails are totally dry before applying nail polish or nail strips because you don’t want them harboring any fungus after you apply your strips.

Color Street Graphics

Should You Store Color Street Nails In The Freezer?

I’ve never tried this but I’ve heard some people put the unused strips in the freezer so they don’t dry out after they opened the package.

There are no guarantees any of the tricks to save opened strips will work but it never hurts to try it.

Color Street Nail Sets

Should You Take Collagen For Your Nails?

As we age we stop producing as much collagen and the best way to grow healthy nails and hair is to take the right nutrients that support them.

I noticed that when I was removing my nail polish often my nails would get weak or break.

Once I started using collagen regularly I could tell the difference in nail growth, repair, and strength.

This is my favorite collagen powder and favorite marine liquid collagen

Note: I’m currently looking for collagen ambassadors that will not conflict with your Color Street business.

Email me:

How much does Isagenix collagen cost

Color Street Bingo Maker For Facebook Parties

You can use this bingo maker for parties on Facebook or use them at your in-person parties.

You’ll need to get creative and have fun with it.

You can make the bingo cards have photos or words like on these cards.

Color Street Bingo Cards

This bingo card has a free space and 37 words: Holidaze, Total Celt down, Mount crushmore, Dripping in diamonds, Tiny + shiny, Forth worth it, Capitol hill, Swiss & Tell, Coral bay, Plaid reputation, Clear as day, Juneau the drill, Chelsea ya later, Upper east side, Munich mulberry, Space chase, Rust worthy, Soho-ver-it, Underground magic, Merry and Berry, How you dune?, At the plaza, Sunday puntday, Smokes on you, Wrap it Up, Ice Ice Maybe, Cran-tastic, Port-ugal, Tokyo Lights, All Wild Up, Glittersweet, Holiday De-light, Flagtime Gal, Coming Up Rose Gold, Aspen Sky, Oslo and Steady and Czech Me Out.

Color Street Bingo Card

Easy Way To Display All The Color Street Nails

Nail swatch sticks are an easy way to display your Color Street nails at events or parties.

I know some stylists give them to their team members as a gift for rank advancements or sales.

You can buy your own set inexpensively on Amazon.

Color Street T-Shirts

You can buy storage bins, cups, and t-shirts with Color Street images on Zazzle and


Color Street Starter Kit

Learn more about joining Color Street here

Color Street Storage Ideas

There are some really creative ways to store Color Street nails. If you have a photo you’d like me to post, email the photo along with the website you’d like me to link to.


What Is The Best Selling Color Street Color?

Tokyo Lights is the top-selling shade, featuring pretty pink gold, fuchsia, and holographic glitter!
Tokyo Lights Color Street Most Popular Shade

Color Street College Nails

Go here for Color Street College nail images for college

Color Street College Nails

Glamesterdam Color Street Price

A limited-edition glitter-topped lavender nail color was 12.00 when it was in stock.

Glitter Days Ahead is a similar color of purple with glitter.

Color Street Graphics

Color Street Moscow Or Never

These copper color nail strips are out of stock at this time.
(it is the one on the left)
Moscow Or Never

Color Street Mixed Mani Examples

This is a great video tutorial from Tara Stoddard on how to mix up your Color Street nails for a cute mixed look.

Color Street Graphics For Mixed Manis

They call this one Double Agent.

Double Agent Color Street

Mixed mani Color street

Color Street St Patrick’s Day

St Patty’s day in March brings out the fun green nails! 

Color Street Graphics to use

March color street graphic

Thank You For Your Order

Thank you for your order

Thank you for ordering graphic - Color Street nails

Color Street graphic for facebook

Tokyo Lights Color Street

Tokyo Lights over Til The Glitter Ends

Tokyolights Color Street Combinations

Toyko Lights, Coming Up Gold, Moscow or Never, and Swiss & Tell

Color street graphic

Color Street Graphics

Color Street Christmas Graphics

You can see some examples of Christmas graphics here

Red Color Street Nails

Holidaze Color Street

This was a popular Christmas nail strip in 2020.

Living The Gleam VS Holidaze

Note: Do not use this image as your own because it has a watermark.

Holidaze Color Street

Red Color Street Nails

Munich Mulberry is one of the popular reddish color street nail colors.

Munich Mulberry Color Street

What is your favorite red color street?

Red Color Street Nails

Color Street Trendy Tuesday

This is a popular type of post on Facebook.

Color Street Graphic

Petite Size Nail Strips

Sugar Bliss, Starry Bright, Color Me Impressed, and Mermaid for This

Color Street For Petite Nails

Less Bitter More Blitter ( standard), Tiny and Shiny (petite), and Amazing Manis with Me

Color Street Size - Standard and Petite Strips

Standard Size Nail Strips

A World To Sea, Hue Can Do It, Fairy Tale, and Perfect Confection

Two of a kind color street collection

National Day Images

A popular post on Facebook is using images for “National Days”.  

National Bubble Tea Day with Swiss and Tell, Toffee Nut, Giza Sands, and Made In Miland.

National Bubble Tea Day

Color Me Impressed

Come Back For More Graphics

I’ll update this post monthly so please save this post and check back with me.
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