What Nail Shape Should I Get?

What nail shape should I get

I recently took my daughter to the nail salon to get her nails done for prom.

When the question came “What shape do you want your nails” we had no clue what to answer.

These days almost anything goes but of course it’s also interesting to take a look at the different shapes.

She ended up getting just regular oval-shaped nails but next time she will be prepared.

Most Popular Nail Shapes

Here are the most popular nail shapes. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite.

  • Oval – similar to almond style except blunter
  • Square -perfect for shorter nails with straight edges and a squared-off tip.
  • Coffin – long and narrow tapering in towards the end finishing with a square tip.
  • Almond – slim sides, which taper towards the end, and a rounded tip.
  • Stiletto – tapered shape and pointed ends that are filed to have a triangular appearance.
  • Lipstick – filed to a slant, similar to the appearance of lipstick.

What nail shape should I get


Trending Nail Shapes And Tutorials

I thought it might be fun to collect some of my favorite nail shape videos here for you.

It’s one thing to see a photo of nail shapes and another to see real live people with nail shapes.

Of course, many of these nail shapes are with acrylic nails but if you have strong real nails you can shape them too.

Below you’ll learn about tending nail shapes, nail polish colors, and how to shape nails.

How To Shape Your Nails

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How To Shape Square Nails

Shaping Nails 101

2022 Fall Trends

What Nail Shape Should I Get Quiz

I’m looking for a good quiz to help you decide what nail shape you should get.

If you are reading this and are aware of a quiz let me know. 

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Are Color Street Nails For Acrylics?

I’ve had a few people ask me about Color Street nails and if they can use them over their acrylics.

The answer is yes!

When you get near the time to get your nails done again Color Street nail strips will help you extend the time before your next appointment.

Can you use color street on acrylics

Try Collagen For Brittle Or Weak Nails

If you have brittle or weak nails you should try taking collagen on a regular basis.

Why? Because as we age we produce less collagen which gradually contributes to dull hair, wrinkles, and weak nails.

I’ve taken a variety of different collagens over the years and in different forms. 

I’ve used powder collagen (like this one) in the past but since using marine collagen I believe I’m seeing better results.

See more before/after photos plus learn more about the Isagenix Collagen Here.

How much does Isagenix collagen cost

Let me know what nail shape you’ll get next time!

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