Workout of the Week – The Flash Workout

If you want to move at the speed of thought, run between raindrops, and move like the fastest man alive you need to focus on those parts of the body that generate speed. 🙂

The Flash Workout will work your calves, front hip flexors, lower abs, quads, triceps, shoulders, lower back, and glutes.

Need Motivation Before Your Flash Workout?

If you need a little motivation before you start then watch the fittest Soldier in the world workout.

Simply amazing!

Instructions For Your Flash Workout

This is the Flash Workout.

Repeat each move with no rest in between until the set is done, rest for up to 2 minutes, and repeat the whole set again 3, 5 or 7 times depending on your fitness level.

Perform each set of exercises at nothing less than your maximum speed.

Thanks to Neilarey for an awesome workout.



Why The Flash?

The Flash is a popular DC Comics superhero who made his debut in Showcase #4 in 1956.

The character is primarily associated with Barry Allen, a forensic scientist who gained super-speed abilities after a laboratory accident.

With his iconic red suit and lightning bolt symbol, The Flash became known for his lightning-fast movements, quick reflexes, and heroic nature.

The character’s popularity and recognition inspired fitness enthusiasts to create a workout named “The Flash.”

This workout aims to mimic The Flash’s superhuman speed and agility, combining agility drills, plyometrics, and high-intensity exercises to challenge participants and enhance their speed and coordination.

You Need Proper Nutrition To Get Great Results

Proper protein consumption and the addition of creatine can be the ultimate superpower for individuals undertaking “The Flash” workouts or any intense fitness regimen.

They work in tandem to optimize performance and enhance muscle recovery.


Protein is the cornerstone of muscle repair and growth, making it essential if you plan to engage in intense workouts.

By providing the building blocks for muscle tissue, adequate protein consumption supports effective recovery, reduces muscle soreness, and promotes the development of a strong, lean body.

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Creatine plays a critical role in providing rapid energy to muscles during short bursts of intense activity, like sprints and agility drills.

It contributes to increased muscle mass over time, further amplifying the impact of the workout and supporting overall fitness progression.

Flash Workout For Kids? 

I think the idea behind this is awesome. 

If you have young kids they may enjoy Ryler’s Super Hero Flash-inspired kids workout.

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