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The IsaLean Shakes are a nutritious & balanced meal replacement clinically tested to promote effective, healthy weight loss and lean muscle building.

You will love the taste of the Isagenix Meal Replacement shake flavors and limited seasonal shakes.

*sometimes Isagenix is called Isatonic, Isogenics, Isogenix, or Isa*

Isagenix shake day instructions

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Isagenix Isalean

What Is In An Isagenix Shake?

This short video explains the Isagenix shake in 40 seconds.

The Isagenix Isalean Shake contains 240 calories, 6 grams of fat, 24 grams of carbohydrates, and 24 grams of protein.

Most shakes contain hardly enough calories to fill you up much less give you the nutrients you need to build muscle and get healthy.

Isagenix isalean shakes

My Personal Isagenix Shake Review

My family has been drinking the Isalean protein shakes since 2014.

My husband and I drink an Isalean shake almost every day because we like the way they taste, they are quick to make, no planning involved, and they are cost-effective for a high-protein meal.

My teenage daughters drink the shakes during the week at about 4:30 pm right before they head out for the evening to theater rehearsals or soccer.


Buy Isagenix Isagenix Meal Replacement SHakesDeep Dive Into The Isagenix Meal Replacement Shakes 

Isagenix shakes have gained immense popularity as meal replacement shakes, making the Isagenix system an effective tool for those pursuing a healthy lifestyle and weight management.

With their carefully crafted formulas and natural ingredients, Isagenix products offer a convenient way to incorporate essential nutrients and good fats into one’s diet.

These shakes, such as the creamy Dutch chocolate-flavored Isagenix Isalean product, are packed with grams of high-quality protein, making them an excellent choice for supporting lean muscle and overall health.

Beyond their benefits as a meal replacement, Isagenix shakes can be integrated into intermittent fasting and portion control strategies.

The Isagenix system offers a 30-day weight loss program that utilizes cleanse days and shake days, promoting fat burning and aiding in long-term fat loss.

However, it’s essential to remember that caloric intake and dietary changes play a crucial role in achieving the desired results.

Isagenix snacks and shakes adhere to strict organic standards, ensuring the use of premium-grade ingredients.

As a multi-level marketing company, Isagenix has become synonymous with high-quality products that have been backed by university studies.

While some claim rapid weight loss with Isagenix shakes, it’s vital to approach any health claims with caution and consider individual needs and goals.

Isagenix shakes, when used as part of a balanced and healthy diet, exercise program, and lifestyle, can contribute positively to overall health, immune system support, and weight management.

Always remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement or weight management program, especially if you have specific health conditions or concerns.


what is in the Isagenix shake

Isagenix Isalean Shake Ingredients

Here’s an ingredient-by-ingredient breakdown of the whey-based Isalean shakes and how each contributes to your health and wellness goals!

I know this is a bit of a lengthy read, but there’s no way around how jam-packed these shakes are down to each ingredient! 

Exclusive Myo-IsaLean Complex™

 A proprietary blend comprised of undenatured whey protein, milk protein concentrate, and nonfat dry milk. All of our dairy proteins come from “Cheerful Certified” dairy cows that are pasture-raised and not treated with routine antibiotics or hormones.


Fructose is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, and unlike other sources of simple sugars, it is low-glycemic. In addition, fructose is also a little sweeter than other sources of sugar, providing a naturally sweet taste with less use of sugar overall.

Tapioca maltodextrin

 Tapioca maltodextrin is a source of slowly digested, complex-carbohydrate that also helps round out the flavor of the shake.

Olive oil powder

The main source of fat in the IsaLean Shakes, Soups, and Bars is because of its naturally high composition of monounsaturated fatty acids, specifically oleic acid.

Sunflower oil powder

Extracted from the seeds of sunflowers, sunflower oil is a rich source of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

Flaxseed extract

A high-quality source of alpha-linoleic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid.

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil

Extracted from coconuts, it is a source of fat that is more rapidly absorbed and used as energy because of its relatively smaller chain length and is a readily available source of fuel for the body.

Isomaltooligosaccharide powder

A natural digestion-resistant starch that acts as a prebiotic fiber, supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Yucca root powder

The tuberous root of the yucca plant, native to the Mojave Desert, is naturally rich in dietary fiber.

Psyllium seed powder

 An herbaceous plant with seeds that are a rich source of bulk-forming fiber.

Enzyme blend

A multiple blend of digestive enzymes incorporated into IsaLean Shake to aid absorption and digestion of macronutrients.

Bromelain and papain

A mixture of protein-digesting (proteolytic) enzymes naturally found in pineapples (bromelain) and papayas (papain).

Lactobacillus acidophilus

A beneficial bacteria belonging to the genus Lactobacillus resides in the GI tract and is commonly found in dairy products like yogurt.

Ionic Alfalfa™

A proprietary alfalfa juice concentrate containing organically bound trace minerals.

Natural Flavoring

 “Natural flavors” is a regulated industry term used to define flavorings that are created using only components found in nature. They are generally made up of essential oils, essences or extracts, fruit juices, and spices.

 Xanthan gum

 A natural gum that acts as a soluble fiber and is used as a thickener in IsaLean Shakes and Soups.

Stevia leaf extract

A South American herb that is naturally sweeter than sugar and provides no calories.

Silicon Dioxide

 A naturally occurring mineral that is used as an anticaking agent that helps maintain the proper texture of IsaLean Shake.

Magnesium stearate

A vegetable-derived salt used during the manufacturing of the shake.

*2023 Packaging*

How much does Isagenix shakes cost?

23 Vitamins & Minerals

✔️ Magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate: A source of magnesium, an essential electrolyte mineral.
✔️ Ascorbic Acid: Also known as vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin and antioxidant.
✔️ Biotin: A water-soluble nutrient belonging to the B group vitamins.
✔️ Selenium: A trace mineral that acts as a cofactor of antioxidant enzymes.
✔️ Vitamin E: A fat-soluble nutrient with antioxidant properties.
✔️ Copper: An essential trace mineral.
✔️ Vitamin A: A fat-soluble vitamin that belongs to the carotenoid family.
✔️ Zinc: An essential trace mineral.
✔️ Manganese: An essential trace mineral.
✔️ Iodine: An essential mineral.
✔️ Niacinamide: Also known as vitamin B3 or niacin. Niacinamide is the non-flushing form of niacin.
✔️ Cholecalciferol: Also known as vitamin D3, an essential nutrient.
✔️ Chromium: An essential trace mineral.
✔️ Molybdenum: An essential trace mineral
✔️ Pyridoxine hydrochloride: One of three forms of vitamin B6 that is found naturally in a variety of foods such as avocado, soybeans, fish, lima beans, chicken, and bananas.
✔️ Cyanocobalamin: Also known as vitamin B12, is a water-soluble vitamin.
✔️ Folate: An essential B vitamin necessary for metabolism.
✔️ Riboflavin: An essential B vitamin necessary for metabolism.
✔️ Thiamin: An essential B vitamin necessary for metabolism.
✔️ Tricalcium phosphate: A source of calcium.
✔️ Potassium citrate: A source of potassium, an essential electrolyte mineral.
✔️ D-calcium pantothenate: Also known as vitamin B5, supports carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism.

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10 Reasons People Are Obsessed With Isagenix Isalean Shakes

  1. They aren’t just a protein shake; they are the world’s best superfood.
  2. They are packed with 23 vitamins and minerals plus enzymes to help digestion.
  3. You get maximum nutrition in 240 calories per shake.
  4. They contain as much sugar as half an apple per serving, just enough to give your body the energy it needs.
  5. They are free from any artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors — the best of nature and science.
  6. They are so delicious you won’t believe they are also nutritious.
  7. They are made with responsibly sourced dairy protein from pasture-raised cows that are not treated with hormones or routine antibiotics.
  8. They are the ultimate convenience meal. All you need is water and a few seconds, and then you’re good to go!
  9. They are cheaper than your gourmet coffee.
  10. They are the perfect meal for results you can’t get anywhere else!

Isalean Shakes

Isagenix Isalean Shake Flavors

The Isagenix shakes are available in several flavors including kosher and dairy-free.

Select the regular IsaLean Shakes if this is your first time ordering them then branch out to the Dairy-Free, Kosher, or Isalean Pro.

Available Shake Flavors

  • Dutch Chocolate
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Cream French Vanilla
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Birthday Cake 
  • Whole Blend Plant Based/ Dairy-Free Chocolate
  • Whole Blend Plant Based/ Dairy-Free Vanilla Chai
  • Kosher Natural Vanilla

Isagenix Isalean Vanilla Shake

Seasonal Shake Flavors

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Isagenix 3 Shakes A Day

You can drink 3 Isagenix shakes a day if you need the protein and calories to meet your health goals.

Most people drink only 1-2 shakes a day.

Can I Just Buy Isagenix Shakes?

Yes, you can buy any of the Isagenix products you want.

You can use the Isagenix shakes as part of the Isagenix 30 Day Reset or you can use them to help you meet your daily protein needs.

What Is The Isagenix Diet?

The Isagenix diet is a nutritional program that combines meal replacement shakes, supplements, and cleanses to support weight loss, detoxification, and overall health.

The diet is structured around the use of Isagenix products, including:

Meal Replacement Shakes: These are used to replace one or two meals per day, intended to reduce calorie intake while still providing essential nutrients.

Cleanses: The program incorporates “cleanse days,” where participants consume a low-calorie, nutrient-rich drink called Cleanse for Life instead of meals, aiming to support the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Supplements: Various supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts, are used to support overall health, energy levels, and metabolism.

The Isagenix diet typically follows a cycle of “shake days” where participants consume meal replacement shakes and healthy whole foods, alternating with “cleanse days.”

The program is designed to be flexible and can be adapted to individual goals, whether for weight loss, performance enhancement, or overall wellness.

It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new diet, especially one that includes periodic fasting or significant dietary changes.

Isagenix Vanilla Protein Shakes

How Are Isagenix Shakes Different From HLTH Code Shakes?

Hlth code shakes are another brand of whey protein shakes that I found are similar to Isagenix shakes.

If your goal is weight loss I would not use HLTH code shakes because they have over 400 calories per serving.

Isagenix Shakes Vs Shakeology Shakes

Isagenix and Shakeology shakes differ in their nutritional focus and ingredient compositions.

Isagenix shakes are often geared towards weight loss and muscle support, offering a high protein content and meal replacement options that aim to reduce calorie intake while still providing essential nutrients.

Shakeology emphasizes a broader spectrum of superfoods and natural ingredients, focusing on overall health and wellness with a variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and probiotics to support digestive health and nutrient absorption.

While both brands aim to support a healthy lifestyle, their approaches cater to different aspects of nutrition and wellness goals.

Isagenix Shakes Vs Arbonne Shakes 

Arbonne shakes are known for their vegan ingredients and exclusion of common allergens, making them suitable for those with dietary restrictions, and they emphasize clean eating and plant-based nutrition.

Isagenix shakes, on the other hand, focus on weight management and muscle building, offering a range of products that include high-protein options and supplements designed to support fitness goals and overall health.

Original IsaLean Branding

This is what the Isalean shake canisters looked like before 2020.

The ingredients are the same just the branding is different.

Isagenix Isalean Protein Meal Replacement Shake
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