Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts this year you’ve probably noticed I’ve been writing more and more about Essential Oils.

They are a great way to help you eliminate toxins in your home and your body plus they are really simple to use.

I realize that if you are new to essential oils they can be a bit overwhelming.

Selecting an essential oil brand can be tricky because at first they may all look alike plus a few companies suggest their oils are the only oils safe to use.

How Do You Decide Which  Essential Oils To Use?

I’ve tried several brands over the last few years and have a few favorites based on my own research. I’m not an essential oils professional but I love to research and find safe products for my family.

Simply Earth Essential Oils. Rosemary for memory.

Keep reading for a discount code at the end.

The Next Oil Brand You Should Try

One of the companies I  investigated is Simply Earth. I discovered they measure up quite nicely to the other more expensive brands and take great care in the quality of their product.

They are:

  • GMO-free
  • From Pesticides Free Sources
  • Tested for purity
  • Not Diluted With Fillers

Their mission is to make safe oils at affordable prices.  If you check out their website you will see that their oils are very affordable but not cheap either.

I like that they understand that eliminating toxins in our homes is important and they strive to make it easy without breaking the bank.

Also, they give 13% of their profits to fight human trafficking!

The cool thing about Simply Earth is that not only can you purchase their individual oils but they offer an Essential Oil Recipe Box, too.

Simply Earth Subscription Box Review #eorecipebox

What’s In The Simply Earth Recipe Box?

The Simply Earth Subscription Recipe Box takes the guesswork out of what oils to purchase and how to use them.

Sure, there are basic essential oil kits you can purchase from just about any company but what makes this different is that they actually have recipes AND the accessories to make the recipe.

(who has a roller bottle just lying around when you find a good oil blend to try?)

Simply Earth. Pure oils at affordable prices

In the Simply Earth Subscription Box, you will get 4 essential oils along with recipes for how to use them. Plus, the bottles and carrier oils, too!

Their subscription box takes all the guesswork out of using oils and the dilemma of not having the right supplies on hand to use them.

I reached out to Simply Earth with a few questions and they offered to send me the November Box to review.

The November Essential Oil Subscription Box

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Simply Earth Recipe Box. Essential Oils and the recipes to use them in.

This box contained oils I haven’t tried before which makes it especially nice and I’ve been needing some fractionated coconut oil.

The great thing about oils is even if I had received an oil I already own I still would have been thrilled.

I have a Christmas list to fill and oils are the perfect gift for almost anyone!

I had planned to do a video review but when I got the box I had a sinus infection and my voice sounds horrible. Here is  Katie from Simply Earth who will unbox it for you.

Here’s what’s in the box:

Rosemary Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil

Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend

Digest Aid Essential Oil Blend

Fractionated Coconut Oil

10ml roll-on bottle

2 empty bottles for blends

Magnet To Make A Felt Diffuser Turkey

Recipe for Fall Harvest Diffuser Blend, Felt Turkey Diffuser Magnet, Cleansing Wipes, After Turkey Diffuser Recipe, Energetic Room Spray, and Digestive Roll On.

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I Got An Amazing Deal For You

I was able to snag a great deal for you so you can try the Simply EarthSubscription Box for yourself.

Click Here To Go To Simply Earth

Use my code STACYRUSSELLFREE to get a $20 gift card emailed to you after subscribing to your first box (subscription can be canceled anytime).

As always, the Essential Oil Recipe Boxships free!

What Do You Think?

Does this look like something you might want to try out? I’m thinking of all the ways I can use the oils and what friends need them for gifts.

Simply Earth Review. Essential oils recipe box. Makes using essential oils easy.

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