Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts the last year you’ve probably noticed I’ve been writing a lot about Essential Oils.

Although I’ve used oils for several years for simple things I didn’t realize their power to help us eliminate toxins in our homes and our body. 

I realize that if you are new to essential oils figuring out how to use them can be a bit overwhelming.

Selecting an essential oil brand can be even trickier.

When evaluating companies they may all look alike plus a few companies suggest their oils are the only oils safe to use.

For the record, this isn’t true.

What is true is that that are many companies that have pure oils that are safe to use around your home for cleaning and for immune support.

Of course, there are only a few oils you want to ingest and those are specifically labeled as food grade.

How Do You Decide Which  Essential Oils To Use?

I’ve tried several brands over the last few years and have a few favorites based on my own research.

I’m not an essential oils professional but I love to research and find safe products for my family.

Simply Earth Essential Oils. Rosemary for memory.

The Simplest Way To Get Start With Essential Oils

One of the companies I  investigated is Simply Earth. I discovered they measure up quite nicely to the other more expensive brands and take great care in the quality of their product.

Simply Earth Essential Oils Are:

  • GMO-free
  • From Pesticides Free Sources
  • Tested for purity
  • Not Diluted With Fillers

Their mission is to make safe oils at affordable prices.

If you check out their website you will see that their oils are very affordable but not cheap either.

I like that they understand that eliminating toxins in our homes is important and they strive to make it easy without breaking the bank.

Also, they give 13% of their profits to fight human trafficking!

The cool thing about Simply Earth is that not only can you purchase their individual oils but they offer the simplest way to get started and that’s with an Essential Oil Recipe Box.

Simply Earth Subscription Box Review #eorecipebox

What’s In The Simply Earth Recipe Box?

The Simply Earth Subscription Recipe Box takes the guesswork out of what oils to purchase and how to use them.

If you are new to essential oils this is a great place to start because it reduces your chance of becoming overwhelmed.

Sure, there are basic essential oil kits you can purchase from just about any company but what makes Simply Earth different is that they actually have recipes AND the accessories to make the recipes.

(who has a roller bottle just lying around when you find a good oil blend to try?)

Simply Earth. Pure oils at affordable prices

In each Simply Earth Subscription Box, you will get 4 essential oils and 6 recipes.

Your first time to order you will get the big blue bonus box.

This box is filled with all the bottles and carrier oils you’ll need for the next 6 months. (read this review for more details about the bonus box)

This subscription box takes all the guesswork out of using oils and the dilemma of not having the right supplies on hand to use them.

I reached out to Simply Earth in November 2018 with a few questions and they offered to send me the November Box to review.

Since then I’ve reviewed several boxes.

Read a few here:

December Simply Earth Review,  January 2018 Simply Earth Review or  February 2019 Simple Earth Review

November 2018 Subscription Box Goodies

I’ve updated this post since my first review and here’s what was in that box.

Keep reading to learn what is in the April 2019 box plus get my coupon code!

Simply Earth Recipe Box. Essential Oils and the recipes to use them in.

As you can see that box contained Rosemary, Myrrh, Citrus Burst, and Digest Aid plus recipes.

Simply Earth Oils Coupon Code

Every month I am blown away at the essential oils in the box and the many uses of these oils.

As always in each subscription box you will get 4 Essential Oils, recipes, plus fun extras for $39. ($150 value!)

Before showing you what is in the box jump on over to Simply Earth and order yours.

Use my code STACYRUSSELLFREE to get a $40 gift card emailed to you after subscribing to your first box (subscription can be canceled anytime).

Simply Earth Essential Oils Subscription Box

April 2019 Simply Earth Subscription Box Review

We never get tired of these boxes and it’s always a scuffle to see who gets to open the box to check out the oils.

Usually one of my daughters claims an oil in the box to take to their room. (we all have diffusers in our rooms).

The April essential oil box did not disappoint.

You simply can’t go wrong with Tea Tree and Lemon. Mix in some Nutmeg and BO Be Gone and you’ve got some oils to clean your home with.

Plus, you’ll get a spray bottle plus castile soap.

Simply Earth Oils Review Subscription Box - Tea Tree Oil, Lemon, BoBe Gone and Nutmeg

Clean Your Home With These Recipes

This month’s subscription box included 6 recipes to help you clean your home without toxins. 

I love this topic since I’ve written about it many times.

There are numerous ways essential oils can replace the toxic ingredients found in most store-bought cleaners.

How about Laundry Stain Remover? Ever made it yourself?

Well, get the April box and you’ll have the oils you need to make it.

What about homemade laundry detergent? I actually wrote up a post recently that included several recipes. I’ll be adding the Simply Earth recipe to the list.

You can check it and the other homemade laundry detergent recipes here.

Also included with the April Box are recipes for a home diffuser recipe, foaming hand soap, surface cleaner, and DIY dishwashing detergent.

Just in time for your spring cleaning!

The great thing about cleaning with essential oils is that they are safe for your whole family.  You can let your children help you clean your home without worrying about toxic fumes!

It’s time to order your box and get to cleaning. 🙂

Simply Earth Review - Simply Earth Essential Oils Subscription Box

What Do You Think?

Do you think you will be purchasing a Simply Earth Box?


Simply Earth Review. Essential oils recipe box. Makes using essential oils easy.

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  1. Sara says:

    Stacy, this box seems so cool. What a great gift idea. I didn’t even know until recently that there were edible essential oils. I love that they include the carrier oils. It’s awesome how useful essential oils are. Thanks for sharing, Stacy!

    1. Stacy Russell says:

      Yes, they do make great gifts and keep me using my oils because I have quite a stockpile. 🙂

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