Isagenix Birthday Cake Protein Shake


Imagine a sweet, vanilla drink with flavorful hints of birthday cake.

The Isagenix Birthday Cake IsaLean Shake will take you back to your favorite birthday party with flavors of fluffy vanilla cake and tasty natural sprinkles.

Buy Isagenix Birthday Cake Shake - Isagenix cake - Free Shipping

BOGO – While Supply Lasts!

Get 2 Birthday Cake Whole Blend Shakes at the price of one!

Just put 2 in your cart and you’ll see the discount at checkout.

Best Birthday cake flavored protein shake on sale

Here’s How To Get Your Free Bag Of Isagenix Cake Shake 

Important Note:

  • It is the Whole Blend Birthday Cake Shake that is BOGO (photo above)
  • Whole Blend tastes like the original Isalean Birthday Cake Shake.
  • The nutrition information on this page was written for the original Isalean Shake so if you want to know more about the Whole Blend Shakes go here.
  • Both types of shakes are meal replacements that can be used to help you reach your health goals.
  • The photo on the Isagenix website will be a canister but note the packaging says bag.
  • You will get a bag like what is pictured above.

Follow these steps : 

  1. Click the buy button on this page
  2. Select the birthday cake whole blend shake flavor and the number of bags you want – the photo won’t look the same on the Isagenix website but it will say bag.
  3. Click “Add to cart”
  4. Create your “Preferred Customer” account
  5. Continue shopping if you want other products or continue the signup
  6. Fill in your personal information
  7. Enter payment information
  8. In the very last step before you hit submit, you’ll see your preferred account is FREE, the shipping is FREE, and your BOGO.

* If you select Lifestyle Rewards you can cancel via chat at any time but you’ll still have the wholesale account and can purchase products at wholesale simply by signing in to your account and placing an order.

Buy Isagenix Birthday Cake Shake - Isagenix cake - Free Shipping

Isagenix Samples

Popular Isagenix Packs

You can now get the birthday cake shakes as part of a system. Simply click below to view the packs.

30 Day Weight Loss System – $299 (get it here)

Premium System  –   $435 – (get it here

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Buy Isagenix Birthday Cake Protein Powder Wholesale Online

Unlike a piece of birthday cake, this protein shake delivers protein to help you build muscle and break through weight-loss plateaus, features the nutrients your body needs to meet your health and wellness goals — without the crash you normally get when you give in to your cravings.

How Much Do The Birthday Shakes Cost?

The birthday cake protein shakes cost the same as the regular Isalean shakes

$55.99 retail or $41.99 with a preferred customer account (plus shipping and handling).

1 Canister – 14 ServingsBuy your Isagenix birthday cake protein powder here. Isalean Protein Shake

Isagenix birthday cake protein shake tastes so good. Don't miss this seasonal flavor. Buy your Isagenix shake before it runs out.

What’s In The Birthday Cake IsaLean Shake

Not just a protein shake, the Birthday Cake Shake is a meal replacement.

It’s a balanced blend of carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins, and minerals that can be used to assist in healthy weight management and muscle maintenance.

It can also help satisfy hunger, provide energy, and maximize benefits from whey protein.

The Birthday Cake Isalean Shake Is:

*A premium protein blend with a superior branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) profile. 

*24 grams of protein to satisfy hunger

*Low-glycemic with energy-fueling carbohydrates, good fats, and filling fiber

*Contains active enzymes to aid digestion

You Even Get Sprinkles!

The sprinkles used in the Limited Edition Birthday Cake IsaLean Shake are made with colors from natural ingredients like purple sweet potatoes, spirulina, and red radishes!

Isagenix birthday cake protein shake is a seasonal flavor sure to please. Get your shakes wholesale.

Buy your Isagenix birthday cake protein powder here. Isalean Protein Shake

Who Can Drink This Isagenix Cake Protein Shake?

This shake is perfect for athletes, to break a weight loss plateau, to change up your shake flavor, or when you need to up your protein intake.

It will also work great as part of the 30 Day Cleansing System.

What Makes The Isagenix Shakes Different

All the Isagenix shakes are the highest quality whey concentrate that comes from cows that are milked according to season and have not been treated with hormones or routine antibiotics.

Although the whey is not labeled “organic” it is tested to be free of chemicals, toxins, or GMOs.

 Click Here For The Isagenix Vanilla Isalean Shake Ingredients(this is the vanilla shake but the ingredients are the same)

Buy your Isagenix birthday cake protein powder here. Isalean Protein Shake

Other Isalean Shake Flavors:

Isalean Shakes are especially great for anyone just trying meal replacement shakes for the first time.

24 grams of protein in a delicious meal replacement shake.

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Creamy French Vanilla Isalean Shake
Strawberry Cream Isalean Shake
Dairy-free Rich Chocolate Isalean Shake
Dairy-Free Vanilla Chai Isalean Shake
Chocolate Mint Isalean Shake

Learn more about the WholeBlend Isalean Shakes here

Isalean Protein Shakes have 24 grams of protein. Perfect blend of carbs, protein and fat especially if you are new to protein shakes.

Seasonal Flavors To Watch For:

Pumpkin Spice Isalean Shake (learn more)
Pina Colada Isalean Shake (learn more)
Mocha Isalean Shake (learn more)
Orange Isalean Shake
Raspberry Cheesecake Isalean Shake (learn more)
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Buy your Isagenix birthday cake protein powder here. Isalean Protein Shake


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