Simply Earth Essential Oils – Review

I’ve been reviewing the Simply Earth Essential Oils for several months and it’s always a treat when I get a new box.

This month I got another Bonus Box!


You see, every 6 months you get new supplies to go with your subscription box.

So this month I got restocked on coconut oil, almond oil, coconut butter, empty bottles, and roller bottles.

I’m ready to make essential oil recipes for the next 6 months!

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Simply Earth Essential Oils subscription box

What’s In The March Simply Earth Subscription Box?

This month the focus of the subscription box is wellness.

You will enjoy these 4 oils plus recipes to help support your immune system and give you relief when you are feeling sick.

These oils are a must for anyone wanting to make over their medicine cabinet.

Blood Orange Essential Oil

This uplifting oil is probably my favorite citrus oil. It smells so good! It’s known to help relieve tension and anxiety. It also acts as a disinfectant and can relieve inflammation.

Digest Blend

This blend is composed of Sweet Orange, Aniseed, Bergamot, and German Chamomile essential oils.

Designed to relieve nausea, gas, and bloating, this blend is a must have to support your digestion.

Amyris Essential Oil

This relaxing and calming oil also improves the appearance of skin and has a mild vanilla-like scent with balsamic notes.

Coriander Essential Oil

This sweet and herbal scented essential oil stimulates appetite, relieves digestive issues, improves your mood and increases focus.

Simply Earth Essential oils box review. You will get lots of bottles, vials, oils, and recipes in each box.

Recipes and Extras In The Box

As I said you do get a bonus box when you first order and again 6 months later.

That box contains lots of goodies but also each month you may get other extra supplies to help you make the recipes.

This month included in your month box is Magnesium Flakes, a spray bottle and a blank inhaler.

(do you get these extras for free with any other monthly essential oils brand?no way!)

Why Magnesium Chloride Flakes?

Magnesium is found in every cell of your body and is used in over 600 of your body’s chemical reactions.

It’s known to help fight depression, lower blood pressure, heal inflammation, prevent migraines, relieve PMS symptoms, and alleviate muscle cramps…to name just a few of its amazing qualities.

Magnesium is necessary for a healthy body, but most people are not getting enough.

That’s why it’s a great addition to your wellness routine.

Recipes In The March Box:

Digest Roll-On
Anxiety Away Inhaler
Mood-Lifting Diffuser Blend
Magnesium Whipped Body Butter
Sickness Support Bath Soak
Magnesium Sleep Spray

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Simply Earth essential oil recipes and oils. Mix up our own inhaller to help you ease anxiety.

Your Purchase Helps Fight Human Trafficking

Each month Simply Earth sends 13% of their profits to organizations working to end human trafficking.

This month when you purchase any of the Simply Earth essential oils you’re not only making a more natural home you will be making a difference by supporting an organization called Call To Freedom.

Call To Freedom is based out of Sioux Falls, SD.

They’ve created a strong network of frontline providers who offer safe housing, mental health counseling, medical assistance, transportation, and other supportive services to those affected by human trafficking.

You can read more about Call To Freedom here.

SImply Earth Essential oils come in a fun subscription box. They help you detox your home with essential oils rather than using toxic ingredients to clean and support your immune system.

How To Get Your Simply Earth Subscription Box

I love getting the box each month and my girls do too.

Sometimes it’s a race to see who gets to open the box to see what’s inside.

You will absolutely love getting a few new oils each month to experiment with.

Use the coupon code below at Simply Earth to get your subscription box.

Click Here To Go To Simply Earth

Use my code STACYRUSSELLFREE to get a $40 gift card emailed to you after subscribing to your first box (subscription can be canceled anytime).

As always, the Essential Oil Recipe Box ships free! Plus, you will also get the bonus box your first order.

What To Expect In April

The April subscription box will include oils to help you do spring cleaning the less toxic way.

You can look forward to BO Be Gone Blend, Lemon essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil, and Nutmeg essential oil.

Plus, castile soap and a spray bottle to go along with 6 natural home care recipes.

Let Me Know

I’d love to know your experience with the Simply Earth Subscription Box. Leave me a comment if you order it.