Isagenix Shake Day Schedule

The Isagenix shake day schedule isn’t as strict as you might think.  There is flexibility and you can eat real food.

Your pack will come with directions however you have the flexibility to decide how to use the products.

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The Weight Loss System Guide provides the essential guidelines you need to get started, but customizing the way you do a Shake Day will help you have the most successful experience.

Simply exchanging a meal with a shake has potential to make a big impact.

The first week I drank an Isalean Shake for breakfast I lost 5 lbs. I didn’t do anything else but substitute the shake.

I believe it was because my body needed the quality whey protein and the nutrients it hadn’t been getting.

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Isagenix shake day schedule.

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How To Do An Isagenix Shake Day

The Isagenix System is easy to do because it is flexible and doesn’t involve meal planning or hours of meal prep.

A shake day consists of two IsaLean or IsaLean Pro Shakes, two 100- to 150-calorie snacks, and a 400- to 600-calorie meal.

This adds up to about 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day.

Sedentary middle-age to older adults burn around 1,800 to 2,000 calories each day so the 1,200- to 1,500-calorie range is just right for weight loss.

Obviously, your activity level, gender, and body shape can each greatly influence your calorie requirements which will mean you may need more food.

You have to become good at the “study of one”.

What I mean is that you need to look at the schedule but then determine your needs based on your individual requirements.

If you don’t exercise and you work a desk job then your calorie needs will be less than a teacher who is on their feet all day and doesn’t snack much.

You can add the support products into your day as fits your schedule. Again, do what works best for you.

What Can You Add To Your Isagenix Shakes?

First of all, always use water to mix your shake. Do not use almond milk or cow milk.

Neither of those will add nutrients to your shake. The shake was designed to be made with water and ice.

Also, don’t start by altering the flavors when you first get started.

Try a few days drinking them without adding anything.  Your tastes will start to adapt as your body gets used to fewer sugars and preservatives.

You will also start to find that you crave the way the shakes make you feel as much as how they taste.

After a few days and when you determine your calorie needs you can decide if you want to add something to them.

For instance, my husband always adds frozen strawberries and Isagreens to his strawberry shake.

I drink chocolate and usually only add a dash of stevia plus the Isagreens.

There is some discussion as to if you should add your Ionix Supreme to your shake or drink it separately.

I think when you first start the system you should drink it first thing in the morning on its own. (I suggest you get the powder form so you have options)

Here are some additional things you can add to your shake depending on your calorie needs. I’ve also written up a list of 50 Shake Recipes you can view HERE.

Remember, the shakes have the perfect balance of nutrients and macros so don’t add too much.

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 strawberries

1/2 Banana

2 TBS Powdered Peanut Butter

1 TBS Almond Butter

Cup of Leafy Greens

The amount of water and ice can vary. Start with less and add more as you go.

I like to use an IsaBlender with 8 oz of water and Dave uses a regular blender with 14 oz of water.

If you don’t have an IsaBlender this blender on Amazon is less expensive and works great for basic shakes. David uses our Kitchen Aid Blender every day because he adds extra frozen fruit.

You Will Want These For Even Tastier Shakes

The stevia, flavoring, and cacao will not add anything to your shake that will mess up your results. They add just enough taste to change up the flavor for something different.  The peanut butter can add too many calories if you add too much. Just go easy on it.

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What Does The 3rd Meal Look Like

If you find eating clean seems overwhelming then that is why Isagenix 30 Day System is a good program for you.

Just keep your eating simple. You don’t have to spend hours shopping or meal prepping.

Focus on lean meat protein sources, complex carbohydrates, dark green and colorful cruciferous vegetables, and healthy fats.

Isagenix has several helpful posts about what to eat for your 3rd meal. They don’t leave you trying to figure it out on your own.

They even have a top 10 list of 400-600 calorie meals that have been used by some of the Isabody Challengers.

This is a good visual to help you see what your meal should look like.

The Isagenix program includes real food. Use this simple visual to help you determine what to eat for your 3rd meal.

This sounds like a pretty basic guideline because it is.

If you follow this suggestion to formulate your meals you will be able to begin a healthy eating plan you can continue to do forever.

If you like to listen to PodCasts you can listen to this one from Isagenix about planning your meals.

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 Here's a handy graph to give you ideas for 400 to 600 Calories Meal

Steps To Customized Shake Days

If you find comfort in the one-size-fits-all instructions offered by the 30-Day System, the idea of modifying your Shake Day may be a little intimidating at first.

Isagenix offers a guide to help you customize your shake day.

Here’s what they suggest:

STEP 1: Determine whether you’ll need extra calories

As a first step in figuring out whether you may need to modify your Shake Day, ask yourself:

Am I a male with a larger frame?

Am I an athlete or do I work a physically demanding job?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you should customize your Shake Day.

You’ve established that you have higher energy needs than the average sedentary adult and now need to decide how to modify your Shake Day to ensure optimal weight-loss success.

To do this, you’ll first need to set a target calorie goal for your Shake Day, which can be done by completing the next step.

STEP 2: Figure out your target calorie goal for Shake Days

There are two ways to figure out how many calories you should be eating to lose weight.

The first is to go to The calculator will generate a specific amount of calories that you should be eating to lose weight based on your gender, age, height, weight, and activity level. Because this number is based on an equation, it should be kept in mind that it may not be completely accurate and will likely need to be adjusted based on your body’s response.

A more accurate way of determining your daily target calorie goal for weight loss is to figure out about how many calories you are currently eating to maintain weight, and then reduce this number by 500.

You can download any calorie tracking app, such as MyFitnessPal and enter all of the food you eat each day into the tracking database.

Do this for five days, and then figure out the average calorie intake per day.

Cut this number by 500, and you’ll have your target calorie goal for Shake Days.

Example: Your average calorie intake after five days is 2,600 calories: 2600 – 500 = 2100 calories per Shake Day.

STEP 3: Add calories to the shakes, snacks, and third meal to meet your target calorie goal

Now that you’ve set your target calorie goal for your Shake Day, it’s time to implement a strategy to increase your intake so that you can hit this number.

The best way to do this is to add calories to the IsaLean or IsaLean Pro shakes, to increase the calories in your snacks, and/or to add calories to your standard 400- to 600-calorie meal.

This is what a Shake Day might look like for someone with a 2100-calorie target goal:

Breakfast: IsaLean Pro Shake + banana = 400 calories

Mid-morning Snack: Fiber Snack dipped in 1 cup of fat-free plain Greek yogurt = 280 calories

Lunch: IsaLean Pro Shake + 1/3 cup oats = 400 calories

Mid-afternoon Snack: IsaLean Nutty Caramel Cashew Bar = 240 calories

Dinner: Large third meal (1 serving extra complex carbs, one serving extra fat) = 800 calories

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Snacks For Isagenix Shake Days

Snacks For Shake Days

Once you’ve figured out your calorie needs for the day you will be able to select some snacks. I always suggest keeping your snacks simple and nutrient dense.

1/2 IsaLean Bar

½ cup hummus and fresh vegetables.

Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with a serving of fruit

10 Almonds

Apple with Peanut Butter

Celery with Peanut Butter

Isagenix FiberBar

What Does My Shake Day Look Like?

I’ve been using the Isagenix Isalean shakes for over 4 years at the time of this post. My schedule doesn’t look the same as a person just starting on the 30 Day System.  However, I still drink a shake a day and eat the bars.

As a general rule, I drink a shake when I break my fast each day. (I intermittent fast which means I eat during a window of time each day.),

Later, in the day I have another Isalean Shake,  Isalean Bar, or a snack. Then I eat dinner with the family. I’m not super strict on timing because that’s not my personality.

Tips To Help You Stay On Track

As with any other weight loss plan you need to find what works for you. Be patient with yourself. Changes take time and every person is different.

I’ve found the most successful people are the ones that keep things simple. Don’t start extreme meal planning or excessive exercise when you first start.

If you go into this with a relaxed attitude you will get better results.

Don’t become a slave to a schedule if that’s not your style.

On the flip side, if you like strict schedules then, by all means, follow a schedule and stick to it.

The goal of this system is to feed your body really great nutrition with real food and grass-fed whey shakes. Cleanse toxins with Cleanse For Life and reduce inflammation with Ionix Supreme. 

You will have more energy, see a reduction in cravings, and lose weight.

If you “fall off the wagon” just get back on and continue as planned. Don’t give up. Changes take time.

Sample Schedules

These are just guides.

Again, you need to study yourself. Determine your calorie needs and lifestyle and watch how your body responds.

Many people lose weight the first 2 weeks on the program. If you don’t that means you need to make adjustments.

Be patient. You didn’t gain weight overnight so losing 50lbs in a month probably won’t happen for you either.

As with any other diet plan, if you go back to eating junk every day you will gain back weight.

If you use this program to help you learn healthy ways of eating, break your sugar addiction, and relax about food then you will set yourself up with an eating style you can do forever even if it doesn’t involve the Isagenix products.

Below are some schedules others in Isagenix have used with success. Find more on my Pinterest boards.

Isagenix Shake Day Schedule

Example Shake Day Schedule

Example Schedule for Athletes on Isagenix

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