30 Day and 9 Day Cleanse Directions

Have you been wondering how to use the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse and the 9 Day Cleanse?

The system is very simple and flexible to use so you will have no problem getting started.

I know you can do it!

Read on to find easy instructions and schedules that will help you get maximum results.

You will find nightly cleanse, daily cleanse, and overnight cleanse schedules.

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Easy To Follow Isagenix Instruction Guide

This Isagenix direction guide will be included with your 30 Day System and it is easy to follow.

Be sure to refrigerate any liquid products.

The Ionix Supreme and the Cleanse For Life taste better cold.

Two Shakes A Day Plus Healthy Snacks And Meals

On this program, you will drink two Isalean Meal Replacement Shakes and have a healthy 400-600 calorie meal. You decide when you drink your shakes and when you eat.

Most people drink a shake for breakfast, eat a healthy lunch, and have their 2nd shake for dinner.

If you are active you will need to add some healthy snacks. 

If you don’t exercise then keep the snacks to a minimum until you see how you feel after the first few days.

Meal recipes:  Click Here For 40 Meal Ideas

Shake Recipes: Click Here For 50 Shakes Recipes  

Shake Day Snack Ideas when using Isagenix 9 Day

Watch This Video To Learn How To Do Shake Days

Best Way To Make Your Shakes

Best Selling Shake Blender - NutriBulletBest Selling Shake Blender – NutriBullet

The best way to make the shakes are in a blender with ice.

A shaker bottle will do when you are away from home but only do that as a last resort.

If you didn’t buy the Isagenix Blender then buy a NutriBullet to use at home or take with you to work if needed.

When you first get started I suggest you use only water in your shakes

If you need them to be a bit sweeter you can add a shake of natural sweeteners like this stevia or frozen berries.

Be careful not to add too many extra calories.

Also, be sure to get reusable wide mouth straws to help protect the planet. It’s crazy how much plastic is collecting in our oceans.

Watch This Video To Learn How To Do A Cleanse Day

On your cleanse days, you will be fasting from food but you will drink the Cleanse For Life throughout your Cleanse Day giving your body the nutrients it needs to help it gently flush out toxins and rejuvenate.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Overwhelmed With The Schedule

If you don’t have a shake at 8 AM or if you skip an Isa Snack it’s not the end of the world.

If you are new to the systems, I suggest following the basic instructions.

As you get familiar with the products you will figure out how to use the products to fit your schedule and weight loss goals.

How you add the Ionix Supreme, IsaFlush, Accelerator, and the other products are suggested in the instruction booklet but allow yourself to be flexible with those.

If you get too rigid with your system you may get overwhelmed.

Start with the shakes and add your support products with healthy meals and snacks.

What is an isagenix whey day

Enhance Your Results With Exercise

There is no doubt that exercise will help you reach your weight loss goals. If you already workout then continue what you are doing.

If you don’t exercise yet try adding a walk after dinner or learn how to do yoga because both are gentle ways to get your body moving without injury.

Another excellent way to get exercise is with a Mini Trampoline. Rebounder TrampolineRebounder Trampoline

Mini tramps help move toxins from your lymph system plus are a fun way to get some exercise.

The mini-tramp is especially useful when you are limited on space or you live in a climate you can’t get outside to walk year-round.

It is much easier on your knees than running.

Add Collagen For Additional Anti-Aging And Joint Repair Benefits

For many years I’ve added powdered collagen to my shakes after I learned about its benefits:

  • Helps support gut health
  • Anti-aging
  • Joint repair benefits
  • Strengthens nails

I’ve noticed my nails were stronger and my skin seemed smoother after using it for several months.

CLEAN COLLAGEN® -Pasture Raised - Grass Fed - Paleo - Non GMO - High Protein - Unflavored PowderCLEAN COLLAGEN® -Pasture Raised – Grass Fed – Paleo – Non GMO – High Protein – Unflavored Powder

I put it in the food I feed my family like chili, soups, baked goods, and even yogurt.

I get this 5lb box because it’s the best deal with over 200 servings.

Read the product description and reviews on Amazon for a quick list of the benefits and testimonies.

Note: Powdered collagen has many benefits but the best one for skin and antiaging is the Collagen Elixir by Isagenix

Isagenix shake day

Cleanse Day Schedules

After you’ve used the products for a few weeks you will know what schedule works best for you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment or daily cleanse if you find full cleanse days aren’t working for you.

There is always a way to fit the products into your routine and get great results.

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Approved Isagenix Products For Cleanse Days

You can use the following Isagenix products on cleanse days:

Collagen Elixir
Bone Broth Collagen Powder
Bea Energy Drink
Amped Performance Line 

More Cleanse Day Tips Here

Isagenix shake day

Save These Isagenix Schedules For Later

I collected different schedules from Pinterest.  

If you made one of the images below, please let me know because I did not intend to steal your image but it has been repinned so many times on Pinterest that I could not determine the original owner.

Some of these schedules came directly from Isagenix.

Printable Cleanse Day Tracker

Click on the image to download and print for your cleanse days.

This is just a guide so don’t get freaked out if you don’t have the Isagenix snacks. 

Isagenix Printable Cleanse Day Tracker

Isagenix Weight Loss PLan

Isagenix shake shirt

Isagenix Directions

Photo Credit: Isagenix


Isagenix 30 Day System Planner for Shake Days and Cleanse Days. If you are new to the system then this is a great plan to follow.

Photo Credit: Isagenix

Isagenix Shake Day Schedule

Photo Credit: Isagenix

What Can I Eat On A Cleanse Day


Isagenix 30 Day System Directions

Overnight Cleanse Directions

If you prefer not to go a full day without eating you can try this schedule that allows you to eat on both days.

This hourly cleanse schedule can be modified to meet your needs and schedule.

Overnight Cleanse

Example Schedule For Pregnant Or Nursing Mothers On Isagenix

Pregnant and nursing mothers can use the Isagenix products. 

Here is a simple schedule you can follow.

Isagenix Products Usage if Pregnant

Cleanse Day Example Schedule

Example Shake Day Schedule

Isagenix For Athletes And Maintaining Muscle

You need to EAT to maintain muscle and you can not remain on 1200 calories per day.

Your body needs fuel and this is just for example purposes. Every person is different.

Example Schedule for Athletes on Isagenix

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