Isagenix Meal Plan

If you’re just learning about Isagenix you’re probably wondering what is the meal plan and menu.

I will give you some examples in this post and direct you to additional information that will help you be successful using the Isagenix products.

Keep in mind that this is YOUR PLAN and should be adjusted to your schedule.

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The idea is to create a healthy lifestyle so that you can keep the weight off forever and stay healthy.

That’s what makes Isagenix so great.

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Getting Started With The Isagenix 30-Day System

If you get started with the 30 Day System (or any of the 30-Day packs) you will have shake days and cleanse days.

On the shake days, you will be drinking 2 shakes a day plus a healthy meal (snacks if needed).

On the cleanse days, you will be drinking 4 servings of Cleanse For Life (plus a few snacks if needed).

If you think full cleanse days will be too difficult then you can start off using the Cleanse For Life just as a daily cleanse. 

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How Can You Maintain Your Results?

You do not have to stay on the Isagenix products forever in order to maintain your weight loss however most people do continue to use one or more of the products because they find they make their life easier.

For instance, I’ve been drinking at least 1 shake a day for over 10 years and daily take Isagenisis, Isagenix greens, and Cleanse For Life.


Because it’s easy.

I hate meal planning and drinking an Isalean Shake when I break my fast each day ensures I get started with optimal nutrition.

Also, taking the other products helps me get the antioxidants and anti-aging nutrients this over-50 body needs. 

If you can continue to eat healthy on your own and you enjoy cooking then maybe you don’t need the shakes.

You may decide the Isagenisis vitamins and Ionix are all you need daily.

You decide what is best for you.

What Is Isagenix?

This short video will give you the basics of the Isagenix program with shake days and intermittent fasting cleanse days.

Isagenix Meal Plans

The Isagenix plan is not complicated.

Keeping your meals to about 400-600 calories is best until you discover your calorie needs.

  • If you work out a lot or have a strenuous job then you will need more calories.
  • If you sit at a desk all day then you won’t need as much food.

You probably eat more out of boredom or habit rather than really needing the calories.

If you are used to eating a lot of processed foods and lots of snacks all day long then you will need to give your body time to adjust.

After a few days, you should find you are craving less sugar and your body is adjusting.

Whatever you do.

Don’t give up.

When To Eat Your Healthy Meals?

Ok, so the shakes are easy. 

When do you eat your meal?

It can be your lunch or your dinner. 

You decide what works best for your life.

What Does A Healthy Meal Look Like On Isagenix?

Your third meal on a shake day should be balanced, like an IsaLean Shake.

Ideally, it should contain 400-600 calories and should include protein, complex carbohydrates, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Isagenix is not keto however, if your body does better on lower carbs then, by all means, eat less pasta, bread, and potatoes (you can’t go wrong with this).

How To Make A Balanced Isagenix Meal

Use this as a guide for making your meals to help you create healthy meals that will keep you full and nourish your body.

Isagenix Meal Plans

Isagenix Meal Plan

Isagenix Meal Ideas

I’m a basic cook and don’t like to make a mess or get fancy so I usually just eat meat protein and a variety of veggies and fat.

If you need specific meal plan ideas check out some of these websites below.

Isagenix Meal Plan Board on Pinterest.

Isagenix Meal Ideas and 400-600 Calorie Recipes – PDF

This Gal Cooks – Dinner Recipes Under 600 Calories

Isagenix Isabody Meal Ideas Under 600 Calories

What About Snacks On Shake Days?

These are some healthy snacks you can have on shake days.

Seriously, you can’t mess this up unless you select cookies, desserts, and pizza.

Be reasonable.

Select something you enjoy and stay away from trigger foods.

(trigger foods = foods that will make you want more and cause you to binge)

Snacks for Shake Days

Snacks for Isagenix Shake Days

Will A Meal Planner Help You Be Successful?

Utilizing a meal planner when you are just starting on a new health plan can simplify your life in the following ways:

Structured and controlled calorie intake

A meal planner allows you to plan your meals and track your calorie intake more effectively. 

Access to healthy and balanced recipes

A meal planner provides access to a wide range of healthy and balanced recipes.

For example, the meal-planning app Relish has a curated collection of over 70,000 recipes from top food blogs and recipe sites.

Customization for individual needs

Customizable meal plans allow you to personalize recipes to your liking and adapt meal plans according to your dietary preferences, restrictions, and specific weight loss requirements. 

Portion control and balanced nutrition

A meal planner helps you maintain portion control by providing serving sizes and allowing you to track your intake accurately.

This is crucial for weight loss as it ensures individuals do not overconsume calories.

Additionally, a good meal planner emphasizes balanced nutrition, guiding users toward meals that incorporate a variety of food groups and essential nutrients.

Time and cost efficiency

Meal planners (like Relish) help you streamline the meal planning process, saving time and reducing the likelihood of resorting to unhealthy convenience foods or takeout options.

By providing organized shopping lists and the option to order groceries online, individuals can efficiently plan their meals and have the necessary ingredients on hand.


Frequently Asked Questions About The Isagenix Programs

Q: Where can I get more in-depth instructions for the Shake Days and Cleanse Days?

A: Click below for my other posts with directions.

30 Day Directions
Shake Day Directions
Cleanse Day Directions and Snack Ideas

Q: Why should I cleanse?

A: Cleanse Days can help kick-start your body’s detoxification systems. Isagenix Cleanse for Life® is specifically formulated to provide your body with extra support as it prepares for the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Q: Can I use IsaLean Shake Plant-Based with my current system?

Yes! You can easily swap Whey IsaLean® Shakes for dairy-free IsaLean Shakes if you choose.

Q: How can I get creative with my IsaLean Shakes?

A: Easy! Try adding fresh fruit, spices like cinnamon, or Isagenix products like Isagenix Coffee, Isagenix Greens™, or Isagenix Fruits.

Just keep in mind that customizing your IsaLean Shake can increase its caloric value. Go here for over 50 Shake Recipes to try

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Q: If I feel tired or have a headache, should I stop using my system?

A: Have a small snack if you are experiencing these symptoms. If your symptoms are serious or persistent, seek medical attention.

Q: I just completed two Cleanse Days in a row and want to do more! Can I continue to complete Cleanse Days to maximize my success?

A: Kudos for crushing your Cleanse Days, but don’t overexert yourself. Remember, cleansing one day per week is recommended.

You may choose to cleanse up to two consecutive days but do not exceed more than that per week. We also recommend not exceeding four Cleanse Days a month.

Q: I’m a very active person, and I have been gradually increasing my workouts during my program. Should I eat more if I’m hungry?

A: We suggest swapping out one or both of your IsaLean Shakes for IsaLean PRO Shakes or simply adding a scoop of IsaPro® to 1½ scoops of IsaLean Shake to increase your protein intake.

The extra protein will help fuel your body with the nutrients and calories it craves while you’re working out.

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Q: What is the 11-Day Cleanse?

A: There are several schedules using the 9-Day Cleanse Pack. Each schedule is a little different in regards to what products and foods you use. 

Read more about the 11 Day Cleanse Schedules here.

Q: Where can I get more Isagenix meal plan ideas?

A: Follow me on Pinterest where I keep meal plans (go here), schedules (go here), and protein shake recipes (go here)

Q: I still need to buy my Isagenix products. Where do I go?

A: Go here to place your order. If you have any problems or wish to order via phone call Stacy at 214-533-0328

Q: I have more questions. Who do I ask?

A: Contact Stacy at 214-533-0328 or

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