Intermittent Fasting Made Easier With Isagenix

Have you been struggling to get started with Isagenix because you can’t wrap your mind around how to do it?

Or you just feel it will be too restrictive?

I totally understand.

You want a simple plan to follow without a lot of products at first.

The schedule below is the one I started with when I first added the Isagenix products into my intermittent fasting schedule.

I  found it works because it allows you to get the superfood nutrition your body needs with the Isalean Shakes and the cleansing benefits of the Cleanse For Life without feeling restricted or overwhelmed with full-day cleanses.

Over time you may decide to do a full 30 Day Cleansing System or add additional products but this is a great way to get your feet wet with the Isagenix products and reap the amazing benefits of intermittent fasting.

Easy 16:8 Fasting Schedule To Follow

When you break your fast with the nutrient-dense Isalean protein shakes and nourishing Cleanse For Life antioxidant herbal drink you will find you are more energized and feel satisfied.

When I started breaking my fast with the Isalean Shakes I lost 5 lbs right away.

I now stay leaner than I did in my 40’s and I’m healthier, too.

Yes, you can intermittent fast without shakes and vitamins but I’ve learned from countless testimonies and my own experience that fasting is just easier with Isagenix.


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Isagenix intermittent fasting

You can make your 8-hour eating window be whatever time of day fits your lifestyle.

You can also shrink your eating window as I started doing to allow my body to rest from food and burn fat even longer.

Plus, you can add other Isagenix products to your schedule however fits your health needs.

If you order the full 30 Day System you will get great directions on how to use it with 1 cleanse & fasting day a week or you can daily fast as I do.

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What Do You Think?

Will you try breaking your fast with a protein shake?


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