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30 Day HIIT Workout Plan

My husband recorded his "30 Days of HIIT" workout using the program below. I've put all the workouts here in one post so you can easily click on them to watch and follow along. As an alternative download the plan [...]

Why Strengthen Your Core?

Your core muscles affect everything you do.  Ask any woman who has had a C-section or a man who has had a hernia operation and they will tell you how not being able to use their ab muscles made it [...]

Workout of the Week - The "Daily" Workout

This is the perfect workout for those days when you’re not sure what you want to do or you just want something quick.  At ten reps per exercise, there really is no excuse not to do it. Add the daily [...]

Workout of the Week - The Flash Workout

If you want to move at the speed of thought, run between raindrops and move like the fastest man alive you need to focus on those parts of the body that generate speed. :) The Flash Workout will work your calves, [...]

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of physical fitness. It is believed to be about five thousand years old. As a Christian, I’ve been apprehensive about doing Yoga because of the roots in Hindu and Eastern religions but what [...]

Workout of the Week - Batman

The Batman workout will get you pumped or at least you'll feel that way afterward! It's nine different exercises designed to work your quads, triceps, biceps, chest, shoulders, lower abs, lateral abs, glutes, upper abs, aerobic system, and cardiovascular system. This [...]

30 Day At Home Workout For Beginners

This 30 day at home workout program is perfect for anyone who struggles with a lot of extra weight or is recovering from an injury. The Foundation 30 day program by is a low impact based workout program designed [...]

Why I Love Push-ups and Why You Should Too

Push-Ups are one of my favorite workout exercises. As with many "bodyweight" exercises, push-ups are something you can do when you're short on time. You can do them as a quick workout in the morning or throughout the day. They [...]