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Joining Color Street and becoming a Color Street Consultant is very simple.

All you have to do is go to the Color Street website and click the “Join Color Street” link.

Join Color Street

How Much Does It Cost To Join Color Street?

The current cost of the Color Street Starter Kit is $129. 

This kit is worth over $400!

      • Join by 12/31/22  and your kit will extra bonus items: cuticle oil, hand lotion, 2 lip balms, 2 lip liners, primer, and 3 lipsticks.
      • Join by 11/30/22 and get the extra items above plus 5 extra nail strips!



    Join Color Street - Starter Kit

    What Do I Get When I Join Color Street?

    The Color Street Starter Kit includes nail products and accessories, hand care items, and lip products for you to wear and share as you start your business!

        • 12 Sets of Manicure Strips
        • 1 Set of Pedicure Strips
        • 72 Testers
        • 20 Remover Pads
        • 100 Prep Pads
        • 2 Large Nail Files
        • 2 Nail Buffers
        • 60 Mini Nail Files
        • 50 Cuticle Sticks
        • 1 Hand Lotion
        • 1 Cuticle Oil
        • 3 Full-size Lipsticks
        • 2 Full-size Lip Liners
        • 1  Full size Tinted Lip Balm
        • 1 Full-size Lip Primer
        • 25 Catalogs
        • 25 Opportunity Brochures
        • Stylist Launch Guide
        • Tote Bag

    Join Color Street

    Tokyo Lights Color Street Most Popular Shade

    How Do You Decide Which Consultant To Join Color Street With?

    If you have a friend or local Color Street consultant you should join Color Street with them.

    It’s always more fun to build your business with the person who told you about Color Street in the first place.

    If you don’t know the person who first told you about Color Street or they quit then you can join our team.

    My leader is part of one of the largest Color Street groups and you will get all the training and support you need.

    Note: Stylist and Consultant are interchangeable names.

    No, you can not buy Color Street without a Stylist.
    At registration, you will be prompted to select your desired enrolling stylist if it is not already auto-filled. 
    When you click the links on this page to join Color Street your enroller will be Stacy Russell.
    Otherwise, you can find a Stylist in your area based on your zip code.

    You Don’t Have To Join Color Street To Buy Nails

    You don’t have to join Color Street to buy the nail strips you simply need to buy them from a Color Street stylist.

    Either locally from a friend or go to my website to order your nails to be shipped straight to your home.

    When you go to the Color Street website you can buy 3 sets of nails and get 1 pair free or buy a subscription box.

    When you buy online you will create your Color Street account and you can buy your nails again from your own account.

    Buy Your Color Street Nails online.

    Host A Beauty Social For The Discount

    If all you want is to earn Free or discounted nail strips then host a Beauty Bar.

    Ask me to set up a party for you and I will send you a party link to share with your friends.

    Qualifying hosts are eligible for FREE and half-price products, free shipping, and other special offers.

    Become A Color Street Affiliate

    To become an affiliate ask me to set up a beauty social for you.

    I will give you a link that you share with your friends.

    You will be eligible for FREE and half-price products, free shipping, and other special offers based on your sales.

    Join Color Street

    Join Color Street

    Do Color Street Consultants Get A Discount?

    Yes, it’s the reason I joined!

    I joined Color Street when they were having a special. 

    I hosted a party and earned enough to pay for my starter kit.

    Check the Color Street website for the current membership discounts.

    You will get a 25% commission on all orders made thru your website including your own purchases.

    Color Street Graphics

    There Is No Requirement To Have An Inventory

    You may keep inventory on hand, but it’s not a requirement. 

    Samples and a few Color Street sets are all you really need to have on hand to sell Color Street.

    Color Street Compensation Plan

    The base compensation plan is a 25% rebate on all purchases- both your own and your customers.

    Depending on how much you sell each month, and how you grow your team, the percentage increases. Learn more here.

    How to join Color Street

    What Is Color Street Jump Start Rewards?

    The Jump Start Rewards program is designed to reward Stylists for building their business right from the start!

    Achieve sales and enrolling goals during your first three months as a Stylist and earn Product Credit to use towards products and business supplies.

    Join Color Street

    What Is The Color Street Subscription Box?

    Read more about the Color Street box here

    What Are The Color Street Seasonal Shades?

    Click the links to learn more about seasonal nail strip shades.

    Halloween Nails
    Fall Nails
    Thanksgiving Nails
    College Nails
    Christmas Nails

    Color Street Christmas nails

    photo credit: Nails with Jess

    How To Sell Color Street Nails

    There are a number of ways to build your Color Street business. 

    Here are just a few ideas:

        • Give samples and follow up
        • Host home Beauty Bars
        • Host Facebook Parties (use some of the Color Street graphics in this post)
        • Write a review about Color Street on your blog
        • Post a video review on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, or other social media platforms.
        • Ask influencers to use Color Street and post a review on their social media
        • Do a mani party at a friend’s house this weekend. Everyone buys one pack and you all do a Mani/Pedi together! Take the funds you made and reinvest in your business. 
        • Offer a free matching accent nail with every purchase!

    Color Street Nails - Collagen For nails

    Have A Question?

    Text or call Stacy at 214-533-0328

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