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2 AMAZING Websites for FREE At-Home Workouts

Dave and I work out at home and like to try a variety of workouts. In this post, I'll share our 2 favorite websites for free workouts.  Plus, show you some of our favorite workouts from both sites. If you [...]

7 Reasons You Should Go For A Walk Every Single Day

If you haven’t exercised in a while, or are looking for something easy you can do every single day then give walking a try. It’s the perfect low-impact exercise It’s easy for most of us to do No special equipment [...]

Workout of the Week - 30 Minute Sweaty At Home Cardio HIIT

In today's fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity. Juggling work, family, social commitments, and personal endeavors can leave little room for lengthy exercise routines. But what if we told you that you can achieve remarkable fitness gains, boost your [...]

Five Minute Plank Workout

A 5-minute plank workout... is nothing right?  Think again.  5 minutes can feel like a lifetime especially if you haven't been doing planks. Why Do A Challenge? Participating in a plank challenge can be beneficial as it helps improve core [...]

Workout of the Week - The Flash Workout

If you want to move at the speed of thought, run between raindrops, and move like the fastest man alive you need to focus on those parts of the body that generate speed. :) The Flash Workout will work your calves, [...]

11 Workouts That Burn Calories and Fat

They say you lose 1 pound for every extra 3,500 calories you burn, so by reducing your net caloric intake by 1,000 per day, you'll trim 2 pounds per week. Sounds simple? Not! Actually burning 1,000 calories per day is [...]

Workout of the Week - Leg Day

At-Home Leg Workout My workout of the week is called "Leg Day".  This is a great leg workout from Neily Ray if you want to get a quick workout in. I was pressed for time this morning so I just [...]

30 Day HIIT Workout Plan

My husband recorded his "30 Days of HIIT" workout using the program below. I've put all the workouts here in one post so you can easily click on them to watch and follow along. As an alternative download the plan [...]