Testimonials of People Who Have Used Isagenix

1000’s of people have had weight loss results using the Isagenix products.

Here are some that are impressive to me and I’ve created a Pinterest Board of “Before and After Photos”.

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Adrienne L.

6 months and no stopping me now! Over 50 lbs and almost 80 inches released.

Donna W.

“Before Isagenix I was underweight and STRESSED! I was not eating well, even though I knew how to eat, being I was a registered dietitian, but life got in the way. I started crossfit at the same time I started Isagenix. WOW was Isagenix crucial in my training! I put on 10 pounds of LEAN muscle in 10 months – on a 100 pound frame that is 10% of my bodyweight! UNHEARD of! Any bodybuilder would DIE for those results. But, not only that, but for the first time in my life, I sleep like a baby and am off all of my sleep meds. Anyone who knows me, knows that is HUGE. But, besides getting my body as healthy as possible, for the first time in my professional career, I am finally able to help people have true success with their health/weight goals. I counseled clients for years with very little long term success but with Isagenix, the results my clients get are amazing. I love the added side effect of a terrific income. As a dietitian at a world famous hospital in Boston, I was “allotted” a maximum 3% raise a YEAR. Last year with Isagenix, I earned a 202% increase! AMAZING! So, glad I opened my mind to saying YES to Isagenix!”

Laura C.

After 60 days the Isagenix products have truly made the difference in my life. I am not being beaten down by stress, I am managing the demands of daily life free of being a crab apple. This …EASY health style has given me mental clarity and endurance that last throughout the day. In regards to my body, I am loving it!!! I have had results that bootcamp/boxing 4 days/week, dietitian consultation, green tea/coffee extract, marathon training, multiple protein supplements, or personal trainers have ever been able to do.

Kirsta K.

After 30 day: 8lbs down. 2.5″ down on my waist, 2″ down on my chest and 1.5″ off my butt. More importantly is the increase in my energy and strength. I am NOT counting calories, just following the 30 day plan with portion control and smarter food choices. A cheat meal a week and three workouts a week. That’s it!

Amanda A.

Today marks 3 months with Isagenix. I couldn’t be happier. My life has completely changed because of these products. I was insecure with myself and suffered from anxiety. These products didn’t only help me loose weight, but I can proudly say I haven’t had any anxiety issues since the day I started. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish in 2014!!!

Jessica P.

Day 11 of 30 day cleanse to be honest I had hoped for a greater weight loss by now but I went ahead and did the measurements. I’m glad I didn’t just go by the scale because I’m down 3 lbs but 13.25 inches gone overall!! Very happy with that and headed into my 2cd deep cleanse.

Beth B.

2 weeks in 11 pounds down. Feel great! Tons of energy. 2nd week was slower then the first week but that’s to be expected!

Renee E.

I’m at the end of day 4 and I’ve lost 6lbs! Looking through all your success stories on here to help make it through the end of this day (cleanse day 2). Thanks for the motivation to keep with it!!!

Stephanie V.

My first 30 days of Isagenix has been great. I wasn’t into this as much for the weight loss as I was for the energy. Well I came out ahead on both. Day 1, I was 243.8 lbs and day 30 I’m at 218.6 lbs. I released 25.2 lbs and 28 inches. Thanks to everyone for the support and Shadoe Davis for setting me up with Isagenix.

Wayne M.

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