Can Essential Oils Help You Lose Weight?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one use of essential oils for cleaning or immune support but did you know they can also help you lose weight?

Keep reading to discover which essential oils might help you reach your weight loss goals.

How do essential oils help you lose weight?

3 Ways To Use Your Essential Oils For Weight Loss

There are several ways to use your essential oils for weight loss and I recommend trying them all to find what works best for you.

1. Diffuse Your Essential Oils

Essential oils can help inhibit cravings and hunger pangs just by breathing them in. 

The oils help resolve underlying reasons behind weight gain which may be stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Also, inhaling some essential oils may raise energy levels so you burn fat.

Essential Oil DiffuserEssential Oil Diffuser

Pro Tip: Diffusers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and I’ve found several on Amazon for under $20 that have been working fine for over a year.

This one from Amazon is my favorite and be sure to check out my post about how to use diffuser jewelry.

You’ll find many uses for your diffuser, especially during allergy or cold and flu season. 

2. Apply Your Essential Oils Topically

Some researchers go so far as to believe that when essential oils are rubbed on areas of the body they can boost metabolic rate which induces the fat-burning process.

Massage experts use essential oils on areas to reduce the appearance of cellulite and smooth out the skin.

3. Ingest Your Essential Oils

This method is controversial so only consume essential oils that have been made specifically for ingesting and are labeled food grade.

essential oils for weight loss

Five Top Essential Oils For Weight Loss

There are many essential oils that can help you with weight loss but let’s start with the top five.

Remember, these essential oils won’t work magic by themselves.

You still need to focus on your overall health but these oils can certainly help you cut cravings so you eat less junk.

Other essential oils that may help and work well combined with the top 5 are spearmint, copaiba, and lavender

Peppermint essential oil for weight loss

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

This essential oil releases one of the ‘happy hormones’ in the brain; serotonin which is also known to be a natural appetite suppressant.

If you diffuse peppermint in the area where you’re eating, this will spike serotonin levels and you’ll find yourself eating less.

It also has the ability to reduce food cravings while boosting energy levels.

How To Use It:

Diffuse 5 drops in your diffuser or put on your diffuser jewelry.

I’ve even used it in a nose diffuser ring.
Grapefruit Essential Oil is powerful for helping you reach your weight loss goals.

2. Grapefruit Essential Oil

While it may be known for boosting energy, grapefruit oil is also very helpful in preventing bloating and water retention because it acts as a diuretic, especially if massaged into your skin in small amounts.

It also works with your body to help break down fat by way of certain compounds, mainly D-limonene, which increases metabolism and helps release fatty acids into the bloodstream where the body can then use it for energy.

How To Use It: 

Add a drop to your drinking water, diffuse 5 drops, or massage a few drops directly on your wrists when the craving hits.

Cinnamon Essential Oil is powerful in helping you reach your weightloss goals

3. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon is one of the best essential oils for anyone with diabetes since it is famous for its ability to regulate and balance blood sugar levels.

In other words, it helps adjust the release of glucose into the bloodstream.

This helps prevent overeating and cravings for sugary foods which, in turn, cause your energy to crash forcing you to reach for the wrong kinds of food – mainly fatty foods high in carbs and low in nutritional value.

How To Use It:

Add 1 drop to your drinking water or diffuse 5 drops.

Ginger essential oil uses for weight loss

4. Ginger Essential Oil

Boosting metabolism, increasing energy levels, curbing sugar cravings ginger essential oil can do it all.

All this is due to certain compounds in ginger roots, called gingerols, which have been proven to reduce inflammations in the intestines.

This helps to improve digestion and prevent bloating to facilitate the absorption of nutrients which is crucial for weight loss.

How To Use It:

Add a drop to your drinking water or diffuse 5 drops.

Drinking lots of water helps with detox.

5. Lemon Essential Oil

When inhaled, lemon oil tells your body it’s time to burn more body fat.

It also has the ability to fight off depression because of its pick-me-up scent, which means it can prevent emotional overeating.

When ingested in water can help with digestion.

How To Use It:

Add 1 drop to your drinking water first thing in the morning or diffuse 5 drops.


Essential Oil Premade Blends For Weight Loss

If you don’t want to buy individual essential oils or worry about a recipe you can try a premade blend such as the ones below.

These premade blends contain some of the other essential oils that when combined can help cut cravings and help you resist the urge to snack.

Simply Earth-Fit Essential Oil Blend

This fresh-scented blend by Simply Earth contains grapefruit, spearmint, and lavender. 

Buy Fit Blend Here


Diffuser Blend For Cravings

Get Started Using Your Oils For Weight Loss

So I mentioned many oils that might help you but at first, I suggest just use the top five oils by themselves.

Then if you don’t think they are working for you try a few blends.

It’s important to remember that they won’t make you drop 10 lbs right away but making them part of your daily routine will help you start reaching your weight loss goals.

Essential Oils For weight loss

Learn More About Essential Oils For Weight Loss

You learned about 5 essential oils that will help you in your weight-loss efforts but did you know there are 9 more?

Grab my Free E-book to learn about more essential oils for weight loss and how to use them.


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  1. Linda E says:

    Can you use these essential oils in an inhaler to help with food cravings?

    1. Stacy Russell says:

      Yes, you can put them in an inhaler and see if they help you. Everyone is a little different so you may have to experiment to see which oils work for you.

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