What Are Essential Oil Nose Rings?

Essential Oil nose rings?

I know sounds strange, right?

Nose rings are a unique form of diffuser jewelry that personally I hadn’t even thought about before I saw the silicone nasal rings that Young Living started selling and after a little research I discovered I could buy them directly from Essence Rings.

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Essential Oil Nose Ring

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Why Use A Nose Ring?

I’m not the nose ring sort of gal but I love essential oils.

So when I wore masks in 2020 I experimented with wearing a nose ring since no one could see them. 

But really, they aren’t easily visible especially when you aren’t up close to someone.

When To Where A Nose Ring?

There have been many times I appreciated having a scent near my nose like when I’ve been stressed or nauseous in the car.

Another time they’ve come in handy was at the dentist’s office the last time I got a filling.

In fact, my hygienist thought it was cool and wanted to get her own.

I Reuse My Nasal Diffuser Ring

Yes, I simply rinse with mild soap and water, let dry completely and place back in the pouch, add 1-3 drops of oil and let soak at least 4 hours.

Which Oils Are Save To Use In A Nasal Diffuser Ring?

For best results, it is suggested you use only 100% pure essential oils.

More About Essence Nasal Rings

Essence is the brand of nasal diffuser I use. Learn more about this small, discreet product made of medical-grade material.

It is manufactured in the USA and one size fits all!

My Favorite Essence Nose Ring

By far my favorite scent is the Calming Blend for anxiety and stress because typically when I want a scent near my nose it’s to help me calm down.

Other scents I’ve enjoyed are peppermint and lavender.

Be sure to check out the New Mommy bundle for nausea or the Respiratory Blend that helps clear passage ways and reduces inflammation.

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